Ace Barrels Also Available

«.a ami 7.7 Jap. and Mrairaei and Kat small iii..k Mauarra In rallTwra: 320 Kwlfl. 22-2-.D. 343 Win.. 244 Num.. 2Ml .vav.. 217 R«MrU. 7MM. 3UO Kav. and 30R Win.

Barrels are ready to be turned into your receiver. They need only have headspace checked DEALER inquiries invited and GUNSMITHS be iure to o»k for our »pcciol dctcriptive literature on this time ond money »oving trcmendou» value item. RETURN PRIVILEGE IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED.

a.,^?."1"uii.ii- Write for Free New List «31.—We Stress Individual Service.

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