Auction Of Antique Weapons

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The N®BLE Line of Va/ue-Packed superbly designed sporting arms!

tig hi weight Favcmie!

Perfectly balanced. .1 fine llntitweight .410 shotpun in popular iiitle a-ctíoTi design. Sufe, eco nominal, exeiflJent choice for women or youngstcri, l¿Ee;il for üjtiíiII ^anie Ht short range or sniiiEl iiore skeet events.


MODEL 60-13 and 16 Go,

Eeautifulty iinished, ¿eliubte fliilo acSpn tfuit. titted wilh rtew Vury-Chek (ynriable choke) urid résilient rubber VARY-ChEK recoll pad. Avuilabte iilso jis Moii^l Gj wiih pltiiti btirrei, Équippid! fuit or miH.liîtéd choke, no reçu il pad.

Beautifully ño lo need!

MODEL 420-Double Gun

A trídiliiftiHÍ hunmerttsa double barrel, double triajjer example of superb nkl world craftsnianahip, perftctty bulanccd :vich smooth, ¡jositiut actiott Left barrel i* fuil choke; tight modified. 12. LG, t'a.

Super-Sofe and Dependable!

MODEL 77 S-.72 Lever Attîon

Here's a hanunerlcüs, let'cr action rilibt with one piece. Iieautifulîy proportion^ walnut sii^k, Slmrt fever thi»u-operjites smooÜiíy ami es»iEy, Visible fetulinp, safe Eire control, thumb operated safely.

MODEL 73S-.22 Slide Action

Excellent for small game, target shooting antl all-around use, Features adjustable s|Mirtinjr rear siifhi; ramp Heol Valuel pat ridge type frunt sight. Receiver machined for quick detachable dovetail mount for telescopic sight.

Pliojt write ¡at iJfurirjjfvd

¿JJrett yavr inquiries lo: The >iOBtE ManuFpciurirg Co., Int., Depi.G-2, Harderville, Won.

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