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Other Browning Models

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1 VA m. '421'1* .330 1 20 iK, 4-Tn Dtnm 14 2 lbs. 74«

*CliroiniL and salin (inislt, prari grips, jolcl pbtcd irt^er

EXGRAVED MODELS '75 to »200 Ni elite pin red, pearl grips, goid pi a icd trigger,

SAME eRlCfi Diet CAiiAriA I'lKTi I jli^r, E l.nhjn^T vilhiul ncai^p


Far catalog, writ*:

Srowning Inm Ca., Deal. VJ, Si, Louis Mo. Browning tl CdHida. D-r Jl. Ban 991, Hanlrul 9. P.O.

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