80EHLER BARRELS. »<oet iteal, teail-ecUton. ribbed, matted eatne Irntlh Made by FRANZ SODIA ot Fer-1Mb. Auttfia. In .72. .21. .270. 7mm. tnd .30 lallbw. Alto mtm atalUble la ,2<3 and .24« «al. Hithly a«urat*— Tn the »Mir. $45 00. iFilUd lo ,iue KtiM. «Mb ilMirid bead. <ampl4te trie* $1.0,00.»

2-GR. SPRINGK IEL0 BARRELS $3.0«. Cat! at 10 $21.00 NEW SPRINGFIELD 4-traove 8ARRELS $10.00 New! Krat 2-Grone iO-40 BARRELS 23' or lett In leattb Fully chambered threaded Only $11.00. 4-GR. ORDNANCE BARRELS 23* font, fully «ham-berrd. threaded, blued. $20.00.

Ne«: MAUSER '9»-U-0C 2-GR BARRELS 21* or Uti In ltn«th. Fully chamlMred A threaded. Oaly $I5.«0. Not«: Any af tha above Barrel! o»ertly fitted to ya«r Aitlis— head.p.i'd and lett-fired—$2.10 additional.

N(W lanagliiM Nun.I lt..I toll S3.SO. unr boll ■llt»r»a to. IQ«. »r.i|.r w.lh paar anaprd haodl* Ilk* 70 Wi.K-r.lrr y SS.SO

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