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Lrver die an- screwed in nny -tandard thread fi-fr— exaelly llk.e load inn dies Hol I el weight is ad jus led IIV I lie depth nf the ¡thin your preis, and i- held with a lin-k ring, like limiting die:-. The rani i" inserted in n »tu-!] holder like u shell, ami lucfced. Swan-in g "The Most Deadly llnllel-" is exoeliy like sealing bullet* in cartridge*.

Insert a sing in a jackct, piare tin: slog mi tlie rain, and opérale y «ur lr««t ha mile. Press line die lei er and cal eh the bullet i» ¡mar ha ml, n's I hat simple! Yiui'll make a In i lit ,'5ä0 Ii a I let-, per tenir in lliese dies, worth ahoHt for .JittJ.i"-. Cosl is «bout n-ing cant enrrs nf ^'ra[i h ad, ('nl wire

••t make euh sillera ble money un superior tin I let s.

Dies arc sensed in deep enough to inrtli perfect bullets ami ral rode a til nf lead. Tile Idecil-rilf Inite 1 alie- i .ire r.f any mi rum! sing variation, I pet dies to bleed'oit les til an t grain tt lead, luit I hey mil eilrnde a- mur'li a" III grains tSfi>i. You'll nnticr I lie "fn'l" ni an underweight cotfl in -waging. Tic i m perfect ty fanned hullel ruw is instantly del erted ivillt y nur finger, nr by a mere glam-e, 1 drlcmirne bull et wight by weighing a "lug ami jai ke1, les» JS to 1 grain.

un a lightly o i lei i i Ii'I h after "waging a feu hundred [till-. This is a babil, and a liicr nf nil doesn't hurt any I fling. Gond I lies ¡a.'t almost Immer willi prnjier eare, Harvey 'ays he mils nearly a million holléis in nur sei. far mor* I bun any rille die. il is lt,,|i V el ion ire arc more expensive ami slower to operate. They cjeel from t!ie mp, witb the nnsc punch a1 I he lup, They are Iwtler fnr heavy jaeketeil ride bullets fur bi- line m[ .-129 "\lagllska" rifles, Iiis \iitomalii Ejiitinn Dies are best used in a It,lMl.!\ Model \ [ires^ mouulerl îinriïontal. Tiny are for m a.'.p n'duct inn by nkttied <u-tmn load* cti, nuil will leíek uni ÓIM1 bulti-ls per hour,

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Custom Gun Smithing

Scopes & Mounts

' Guns. & Ammunition


it 1 Kiisit Cftli Street, tíuw Vnrh N-Y

Non-Breakable, Guaranteed fur All American, Miry Fmtipi Cum

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SPORTS, INC.5501 Broadway, Dept. CH-10, Chicago40, llf.

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