Clear Scope Caps

frntrett your scope. Injures einAr slubtlna trlM-ulllty under Hie most, inverse woutiiff or hunitni: i'ODdHLons. Tluhr Clear, ittnuniun-irer npin tips - iLului Ate your |n| In.'Ui unei- Tor a «Udcrsstul lihint Ctiolre nT over 1 Ml.OdO liunten. Avfltlible lor .,ii popular legpes m Ken order me. please state iirand- power A inmlf] of EfODe. Only S3.2S pr Frne f|lt»r lens 41.D5 i-ltli. leather ieone eovtr SJ.OO.

riHDPH ifOWl PKMEMDETl. IF IT'S A PISTOL OKlP WE'VE (JOT IT! Ssnd Tor Free Literature,

SOUTHWL5T CUTLEflY t MB., CO., INC. 1309 Olympic Bird.. Mentefaello 5, Cililomil

Olim undine v>l je in reauioc H&H type Hide lock double (hatpin. Öid iPOWtb PjTfiieea mibiut: iotrlente hand engraving. -Selective evto ejenmri. Auto stfriy. Demiblac. 1308,Ofl: vriib nJood vent- TiU»nd SST, tlM.04.

Get the frei of El Dak in '"double" at your franchisee! Dak in dealer, Perfect bulance, Spectfieatly design«! for Amortesn shooters. Special beaver-tail forcjids; selot'l sUwl alloys; hand enK raving and checkering; close "fit." $124.50 to 5350. Write for catalogue and name of nearest Dnkin Healer.

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