Deer Calling F

(CsnftFliirii I. After 2)0 nil nulo» [ {gave it up as a bad bei.

My ne*t slop was ilanf a rttck ridyi- overlooking ü hriis-hy ilraw, íícm.u uíi<-r I becsn cull inj;, a balf-jirowu vearliiij; topjicd I fie hill lo my ri];bl. sinking on the ridj:e. 11 stood there brielK »llhanctted agttail the before tin: wind cb.inpi rl and il whiftr'd mi:. I could hear ¡I rrailing down the oppo-ite ride of the hill.

I rontinufd In call- Presently 1 I bought 1 i:lini(t-ed aainelliin£ dnwn at ihe moutb id the draw, I |iiuisrd. Ei|iiiulin|! In see in ibe fad inj; Ii ^ht, The lun hiní -lid Liehiml the Wi*o« »idy a few Dinute* before. Ljiik, purple Fhaduws darkened the cuuntr>>¡de. 1 pul ibe call back in my mouth, still watching tbe spot,

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