Edward H Bohun

OrUlri'l Di>itnci t> the "CUHJUNCEB" KMtttn

Theio Geittand Hofitcri fcdve No fquol 1er Supej-foit Drawing

Bolster* are nu oonslrueted Huit the guti lin ml le lins ample r-teni-mice from Ihe belt and (lie cylinder spin* freely in ltie hotsi^r while drawing. Hells are shaped to iiinkp holHterK "'îiutlp: low." name nu rtie unes wîth sí loTip. drop (n the lie II or lonjç shanked bolsters. Made fris m heavy single thickiien-t be^t rm^llty s;nldle leather, Ttiey fll oslreitiely w«U and •lu not iJLterf&r-u with walking or pitting down, utilI above nil have no equal for super-funi dmwint"-

Sliiui,- In,|| n ml 11 nînt.i ■ r hhltli nickel-plnled lui-k le ;nol tn>p4wiiy jifriv k í ra u { h fa o vi ii ifatir) Til 11 UtO.TÎt

¿■IflflJonnl Ctiirne fur,. -Jilm k I.T-" VVtih -2Z CrtUber iMrnMue ijoona julil ï.no

With atktlnleNX Steel

If Vnu ii|k]i ill" I iolmer

liliown balow) Fiotn Qua lily

KOTIOSl When oriliTtnjr l-esurc ami «end your Wlilht II ml hill

tKr Ihc lonirlii "t ng Loirret, caliber thd make <if If 11 it. Include I lilMI extra for ImMnm- in Culltlirillii nd,d I '■, Silts Tas A Ml DKl'iist i ] : K i j i ■ i ] : i : : ■ u.v AI,i, ftici ym>Ktis Fri-r folder « Il dW I n k v ji r I n ii » tvpea <>f I unpen ved (nul -il e; i w h i lint it ji 1111 reiju ent,

I'atimhkt of Fnm Iin'i Inntruftlohi Pf eo vv IL Ii pjrat Or^tec,

I hal i- mucti lower and easier bit the until band tu reacit, He also can rebuild the I ripper In a wide -liapc lEial contours llie finder, nnd Will fit new barrel« and cylinders and s W-lype rear -iglns and lamp front eifhr-lip Ijih ami G.TV. revolver;. The change to Hi-icy lype Immner and wide I rigger, C4nv billed with jdjtMaldc larger sigh I e, make? a great improvement in the nld ft* cd-s i gh ted llnll ami i;.^. Revolve«. Ifr'rilc Sehallcr ior price«.

7mm lentil*

For the 7 1 57 In 111 Mauser, line o I the bill» lung range deer loads we have n-rd ú lile Sierra ] ísH> grain HI. I nuked In Hit) grain-nf ViSO lío pont fer around 2&ji0 íeét Velocity, Il i" also a very genii lead fer all I he lighter hip game, inch n- dwr. -beep. gom. and antelope, 1 se I he lfrfl grain iVíHÜfr lui II' r ¡I i'm we tit Inure penel ration. For picked el n liai larger game, when a heavier itfle ii not available, ihc 175 grain NrwIeT Panirion jackel I m I lei hacked by 17 grain- o! t.llitl i-even hitler. These load* -hmild lie worked up carefully in the individual rifle, as a light barrel ami chamber tm eam-e excessive jirc'snrc, ^lart l"wer and ea reí i illy wurk up any such lop load- ill any rille.

Loading Dntn fur , 1 i Sjn-rinl find f i t M tip it it in

H. M. Yard, till Kensington \*e„ 'Ireniou K, N. J„ has a -inalI Imoklel uu load- and velocities tdt these I wo earl ridges ; hut he does mil g¡HC pressure-, which would lie very enlightening ami arc al*o m-eded. Some are my old liiad-, ami smne are by my friend trie Farr, with whom I worked many years

1 note nnc error in velocilica of one of my load-, lfl,i> grain- cl 2100 with Keith 250 jr.nii hill let, -liould give i2'iá iccl velocity h Jill tiiilh jO/KD |i<iond. pfçgfllfe in I he nld ha llorín 'head lype case, instead of 11-1(1 feet velocity a- quoted in the himklvl. Thk is -till I he umst praeiical and lowest pressure heavy |<iad for rhc ,1 ! Special,. The liooktrl *clli f«r F ÍK-ÍIÍ1 s, and is worlti it. It also com a in s graphs made írnm a boni loads, Mr. ^anl say» furlher -heels will he added m lhe hiKikb't i- he works out more loads, Ib-iag old fa-hioneil. I u-e just I wo load- in (he two calibers: IH.Ó grains HI in the .11 Special iin old-si y le tare» preferably h and 22 grains in the new .VI Magnum- thilli with 2Ü<0 grain or 2iü grain hulow-pninl lull tel s oí my i les i pu. sired .in'i ami cast one In l'i Iiu and lead or harder.


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