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Ate you □ Iradur? Gun colleePar7 Or are yO« ju»l ploin interfiled in yum? 11 ynu n't, you'll preiil fro in reading the bOTgain-iilled rolumns el SHOTGUN HEWS every mnnfh. H i ill* I tad infj publiimion far llir inle. |iu'chose end trade ol firearmi and aiceiior let ol all types. SHOTGUN HEWS ho: aided thousands of gun enlhuiimh locale flreornu, hqllr fTifl(iyrn and antique—ritlei, ihorr|uns, pi>iol>, rfluotuers, «up», Tcunii , , . all o> money lavinrj ¡jricet. The mmey ycu lav* on the purclinio ol Ofly title af the mnro |1ian 5,000 liifinal eaeh month (Hare than payi your luburijjlion tail. You ian't urTnra 1o be wilhoui ihli unique publico I ion.

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As o ipetinl intworiuetory nffer, we'll fend you 1he rtejit it)ua ef SHOTGUN NEWS fjff* at (horjfe *itli ygur one year lubitriplioii. Thnf meant you grl 13 big illliil far llic prrc» of II Whal'i mor», if you're nal completely lalisfied, (Hit 1i»ll in, We'll im media holy refund your money in lull and you (on Ltep Iht ¡uuii yow o'reody hove, foir ♦nouflh? Ten bell Fill lit (he tnirpon hr-low and mail ii ladnyl

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1«, -end m.p Iht nri.1 inui ol JHOTOUN "IWS FSEl and «hurl my lebicriplioa far one y«r, Si em1oied-1o h* refunded if I'm noi compKHly fciiifird.

The Finest Revolver and Pistol

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