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we could make in b day'- I in ill in; wb* real -piriiding niiiin-y Imrk in thoie dj)^. In nothing «1 the inn. I was the pnind nwiiof III a Beat littlr £t) gauice Idiaea dolihle ul Ihr lime, und I considered it a real whiz id a rahhil gun.

Fred i dad had an old hammered 12 ganiie dduhte 11 ml kicked like .1 TtSas Herr, but il WM a (linger of a rahhil gun, lihi. Iiaek in 11ll'iII day-. ""And every fall antl winter I would -el mil a -Stilly of hoi and Imjini trap-lor cnlloutlll. I earned ttiUt of my la! I antl »inter *|»emling money thai wjy," Frrd re-iiirmhrred, «ml it win rral inn, I e kids wrren'l out kiekin' up thinhle like hiHH In. djy: h'r weifr t«o liu-y.

I I1.11 jfli-niimn, we limited fur ,<i|iir rnnrr itticke)« .Hill an old uharitloned farm house thill I had ipotlrd. Krrd i-mahi iI Sue under I lie flow »f ihr old houu. and ^lir -tartrd ihings- popping. There pia dirr'r ntttontiil^ Ltnder ihr floor el thr old -lurk, am! I hey Laiik oil in !ii|>h near. Nolmdh j;ot a ^Iml. or r^eit irietl In, 1 ,ou and It .1111111 rr .Htlil Sue limk (iff after ihr mdic himuy. and 1 d» not rrc-flll nrr liiiving heard dhy -wei-li.'r lieaple miific, Thr eol1 or tail linally eirrlrd haek. somerflulled a> FthI's Ifi Haupe i»rked, and 1lie tieagle* Imit i>li again en the I rail of tile in her enltoiilaiK. Thi* urtrt wai a long ilJ^taurr mnnrr. ami iw go| plmlv of bei^le minic Iwion Woywon linal h got in ihr liruky kIioI,

Tlir tifaglei. fcm led two more buBftirs mil of a lioheyftiirklf! tangle liehire we derideil to rail it a day, Waymon goi one of them. !inrl ihr1 beagle» Wr're -til! elu-ing the nther when we dii'idcd 10 Call i1 a day. Signalling ihrm In olf [he Irail with my hnnlinn horn wa* a fitting rlimai lor a <lii ii<!; hliiil. Hy i Moiling the rifhl plaerv. we liaii lilt I he jaekpol late irt t!ir -i'mii, when "I he rah! i it- ivrre all i!i"l oil I." Villi ran do I lie »me.

We wrre ;d! n-iiiK nor ley trial tfii.iil gun^ mi ihe eallontaiii:. (Inly rarely tin J ufi an v. lhiii)£ flie. VV" hen liunting willi hrnglet. most oi i lie -hots cdme .it ::lo*e rjiige yard» or lr—. there i- really nu [kdnl in rhmig-ing guns. 1 simply upe a «nBewlial liruvier hhHil ill an I bob whiten, and I prefer

Nf>, li or .'So. 7% -hot for rabbit* in-n-ad ol I he No. Us I u>r on I lie qiuiL II youf i]ttail jron i- liglil for edsy earrying and fa^t point, iog. so mil I'll the better, heeauee yon may do plenty of walking in ruuidi, langh il eounlry in lliie type of hunting, and yonj »hoti wil! lie ril faM-moviog, erratic largely l.ikely enough, yea'!I buy* ji* ■iflrii in jmi do at birds. f!ut who H-are-'.' The linnl'-. tile ihinp ami half ihr limit is kidding ihr oilier frllnw about hie mii^rr.

M AS KS M AN KADCE ter iheettn, iltrlini »II v^r S t. OD «ich, pun pa id.


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