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Same gun« as arc used for quail Vinson recommends for tunnies. Ranges are always short, usually under 25 yards when chased.

By Carlos vineon

MORE III YITliS fire inure shots frifle unit shotgun —yts hiid [>is|o|i til rnhbits each year than at any other game target. Runny and jack, ■ lie rabbit furnish« more top-drawer shooting tun. year in and year out. than ult tlit- other game animals pui together. And, without up-sUting ilif statbtifs too much, you could include birds-It w ■ ■■! 1111l~t he too fur.fctehed ail inclusion. at that- flnhhits cun't 11 \ high, htii they run sure i!y at ground level] I've stt-ii Vm harder to kiit tliati u jri lighter.

Because so many |jt-o|}lr hunt rabbit* land, Id's face if, because so many people art- lazy I, people are always say ing, "Oli, rahiiits {ire ahotil *liot oul- in my area. Hardly •forth hunting." Nine tinier out of ten, it ain't so. You know what they say about rabbits: they're terrific at multiplication. . . , Ami there's another tiling, too: rabbits are in it necessarily the "dumb bunnies"1 that you may think (hern, Jf you ran't find them—well, like the feller said- you got to he sinarlcr^n the rabbit! They're there, all right- if you look in the ri;:!u places

Last January, the word was oul around my home town of MeMinjiviil^ Fennes«*-, that the cultontails men "about all shoi out." Nobody wu> hunting rabbits; everybody believed the rumor, , , , Driving home from town one night. I counted fourteen rotiotttails crossing the road ahead of my cur. In ten miles, that1! not a bad count. It started me



thinking. . - - Two nifilii* later. snow fell- Cottontail Irn^ks were even where, Judging In the I racks, three or fuiir of I he in held a picnic in in y backyard! . . . Couple of days later, I jumped live bunnies out of one wild honey suckle llrickel ^hite helping one of my pointers run (town a winged babwhite-

Well. I can Lake a him when lln- roof falls on me. That night. Í phoned Fred and Way moo Cooper. Father and sou. Ibese two run ¡1 dairy farm and operate a dog kennel a^ sidelines to hunting. They're good farmers, and good kennehnen, too; bul following son Way mini's ¡»eagle hounds after rabbits is inore fun ilun money.

"itahhits?!" says Fred, via the telephone. "Rut the rahhils avr all shot out! Too many hunters—snow—cover all beat down- -where we gonna find rabbits?"

Si 1 ! stuck my ncck out and said, "Leave that to me!" and the date Mas' made. It wasn't over-con fid tLu re: not really. I spent a good part of the night remembering those fourteen rabbits, and those five rabbits, and all those 1 racks, and Irving not I o remember ibat a lot of hunters said there «ere no rabbits: but 1 was nervous when Fred And Wajmori pulled into my driveway bright and early next rimming and said, "Where we gonna bunt 'em?" Í said, "Several places," and hoped it wouldn't he loo mam.

(Jur first St lip was 11 ear the half-acre wild honeysuckle and blackberry ]>r¡¡.Lr thicket out dÍ which i bail bounced five cottontails a Fert days earlier. This jungle t- on a 240 acre abandoned farm a bou I two miles from my home, and there was more of the same type of thickets iit 1 he same general area. My idea was to cuneen I rate on these lliickety. overhanging stream and ditch kink-, brush pite?, and oh i abandoned farm buildings, These arc the plates cotiontails normally hide out iu (taring the latter part of |he season. Quite often, when most hunters think there's 110 longer any worthwhile numlier of cottontails left to hunt, there's si Hi plenty of tlieju in such places: Like t -aid. people arc lazy. Tlicy don't care ahout bouncing over those rough hack roads ami busting through) those thorny {Continued on ¡miiíh Si i

South end of four-fegged "upland game" is target for load of 6s or 7'/jS in 20 ga.

Fred jBrowning, I) and son Waymon Cooper jwith Rem, 58) compare notes on kills, as beagles get rewarding sniffs.

On deep snow oíd cottontail may have advantage over dog because of weight. Rabbit's furred paws spread, give him power to leap on soft snow top while heavier hound sinks belly-daep.

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