Big bucks can't resist your Burnhont Deer Call vviili recoil lilccli anisnet and sighting .n[-jusimcnis. ii serves as a lienf hurhint po.

A .222 ver-ion (the AR-la) is lieiup testi:d by the Vrny m Kun Benniug and in Alaska. In cold weather I rials liy the Affile Teit Hoard. ii w« reported to function well down to lemperaltirea of siity lirlnw. Also "in the works" itrr a version »inI u .22 rimfirc miner. I'lans fur Armalite »partA hrc lapsed s%luly behind mililnrv devd-u|i||it'il1r Armalile Ki'ipim- in- rlislribuli'd by rntorarmco in various parts uf I lie tmtld. Tin: A K-lit lias already ¡Ken adopted by cottnlrh-s in A Erica and Suuth Aratfica, where sample, have parsed 7500-rrjiind see« pi an» jt. ironic a- il may «-erm, nor neij;hhorH lo [he ¡¡uiilli may be equipped Willi such modern automatic Weapons iunp before aur own Army,

Oilier IiIiuhiiI umii distributed by ram |>imy on: I he WaJlllpf rifles anil pit-lola, including fin- new lighlw<-i;:hl Wafthei I'-.'iH, ami I In1 -id" ■ilibi'i' rup'r-i i m kit- liianuiac-lurrd by (dTinany's F.nita Machine Works. T!iei< arc adjunct*, boWevcr, lo it* main I Tilde in Currgtt ,i»i! surplus m Hilary army— a tilde lyjjjjfied bj il* tflpcnl >al<- id No. A Mark II Enirlil; tan inipruied piislwar version of ilit' No. I) lii Kenya ^vuriiy troops. Company ■ ifltciuls lit'Jirir there i- great pnhlk demand ill (hi- country for W cost reiUr-riir.1 f mating, pi inking ami "kllOrls-ntmiil" rifle* llial can In: met lic^l by I he military aurptus rHli1. E'ltr—l- wupvM becodle available in widely separate corner* <il ihe ¡¡lulu-. at Kreo iialLLin* rely iiicrfat-

in^ly oil itir ami missile [tower, anil it tJtkcA an inlernatinilill or^antutloo to acquire lln-m al a east wliieli permit tlUlCtht l -S. salt's priecB.

To fceep priíei luw tu tbii publki distribution miiFt be on a volume ba^ÍE. Inlor-araii-o has p hmo-trd i a ibis arpa, partim-larly in ibe oltanneliilj; ui rifli*? lliroufb ib>[iarlmi'»| and I'bain iHiHi, One famous New York ib-giartnK-nl "litre, which lu'ik ¡If. fir^t Carca mis only I>n cansí Ijnmenl, ínlíl 21X) of ibera the first morning tbe gnn Wtt die-played.

Kilie ulcr I branch ibeeo oliannrlc bave cultivated a complelely ntw and cniíiiisíestlc market for fin-armn, and made mir Country innre "4 nation of riili'ini'n" I han ever. Tbi-benefit4 lit nalional allrl i-ml ilfftnts are nh^iotis. Rene fits In tbe i ml ¡vidual hum fr. -linoler anrt eollctlor imdndi' -I iinuliitrun nf U.S. manu fact onrs to proiluce an «it. widi-nini¡ ran|^ nf aecei'^orics and ammunilinn who in I urn liMH-fii by wider puhlic Acceptance of shout inji a^ o -pnrl.

There is abuodailt pnwt liuit these rifli-s do mil "íjatlirT iLu-t" in some ne^lecteil corner, bul arc u-i.'d actively in fport and mark-man ship Iraininjr, Some -(JXlW.! HJtJ nmnds nf Jiniummtion were »Id in the past year hir surplus firearm use.

l our hem military rilh: won't have i;m;it-Hi mi i -i a uijioi I tin its harnLt—I lie company ¡E loar lie lu mar guns in ibia way. Hut tbe i llancos art- it would ntrt be in your hands without lir>r baiini; ¡passte musler al an Alexandria, Virginia nn-enal.

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