Robertson, who "imported" reversed hold to Utah, dors many-patched shooting coat denoting competitive success. Seated, M/Sgt, Davis I tans forward, elbows inside knees.

FTc kuowh, however, thai Itf- wilt rceche four points fur each liii at fin H h. three poiritt fur each at 501), two points for all yard hits and a point each fur the offhand hits ill 21 H> vards.

In addition. ami Iutc'u the crazy part of die infantry '! ropliy Short, he will receive ¡1 Waas—(lie square of the number id target« containing sin or more tubs each.

Kighl targets are used, although then are only six in irifj members to a team. This allow? a large) per man.. plus 11 bonus largeli. Ordtaarily. (he roach employ 3 11 firing ¿yjiltrm tu insure the required minimum itttmher of UiW on (jLH£.-31 of the eight targets. He may haw Iii? nicri put five shots in the bonus target and ten each in their own targets.

The sts firers are divided iulo mo firing units: shooiers I from left to l i^JiU I. 2. and 3 in one unit, ami shooters 4. -î. and 6 in the second Unit. One unit iî controlled 1>> lite coach, the ■ 111LE-i- b) tin- r-aplain, both stationed behind the insjde men, TJie flutest firer in tile first unit should be iiurubi-r rltree: in the ^tiotld unit, utunhcr four. This |ilaec-

these Lvi in 1 lit- liesi position to shift, under super-

h isioa, to other target« if teammates* tillrs have malfunctions; Coach and eapLiiu correct the fire of their units by watching the fire of these two nit-n.

There art- no alibis in [lit: Infantry Trophy Match. Therefore. with tinn: of the essence, each shooter practicing for

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