Auto and single shot pistols for ISU competition are of formal design. Swiss Ham-merli SS is only pistol made today for Free style shooting, U.S. and foreign autos have weights, muzzle brakes for rapid fire.

Hammerli Free Pistol fits the ISU rules.

Finnish Lion rifle thumb hole stock is typical.

Newest U.S. rifle is Winchester "American Olympic" with palm rest, massive broech in .308 and ,22 calibers. Red field sights ire offset to ¿void heat haie; stock has adjustable Swiss butt for offhand event, t;. S, cornjiciitors in Ihr l'iin- \m sharing jjames wili eoine from ihcnL. The I - S, teffin will cu nsist nf M rillemen und |)ist.ihnen from the \rmy. Navy, and Border l'atrol. Fchv ci\ilians bave had ihr practica fueiltlies h>r litis type of shooting.

Insirut-tions on bow in shoot ihr Internat ional Rapid Fire Pistol Ci>urse. for e\ainple. i* practicaliy uoit-existent in Kngli&h. Top shooters in Koniania. Hungaiy, und ihr I SSR bave wrillen how l« du it. bui fcw lr. S. shooters have read their Suggestion-. Nikolai Kalinitrhenko, ihe Kussinn who wort the 1 '>54 C araeas World Championship and the present world record, says: "Corrcct Inning is of the grefUest importance." This is ohv ious from ihr nnturc of ihe match, which cünsists of irft shnts in two "courses" of 3U. Fach course is si* senes of five sbots eaeh. at live lumiug siIiioiieile targets, öd rnclcrs tlistani. Tvric? in cach course tin1 sKaoter must fire five shots, one at each of the five targets. iti eight seconds. Twfc'e, he must do ii in seconds: and. I nice, he must do il in four seconds. The competitor awaits the ttiming of the targets hviih his pistol cocked and pointing down at an angle not greater than 45® wilb ¡he vertical.

Pistols for raj)i<I (ire are „22 calihrr sen) i-autnma tics. Leader today in current I . S. rapid lire pistol production is High Standard. Their interest dales hark to the matches in Huenns Aires in 19S2 when they equipped nur lea tu with .22 Short match pistols. Today, ihcir Olympic "Citation" model in ,22 Short, though cos ling only SWS. is probably the targest-selling handgun of its lype in this country. Smith X Wesson's long-awaited Model 41 (in development since before War Two) has definite ISU features, such as miuilc brake and added weight to steady thr weapon.

Smith & Wesson's new M4I is gaining favor among Internationalists,

Face Fire 1959

Rapid fire course is shot on five targets which face front for only seconds. Right, IS J pistol man has Weither Olynipia at 45® as targets turn.

Second, and willi wide international following, is the Walther "Olympia Pistole." nDW made I > y 11 am mcrti in Sm itzerlaud. Herctta Olympic pistols arc also offered here. Of the anus to he seill al Viaukegan, Olymptas ami Main-merits pro h a h ly thill predominate, with dome com |4titors using [ . S.-made weapons,

I1 mm Latin America. V . S. Ejtioolerg may he treated to views of some modern match pistols made south of I'auama. Argentina has an active small arms industry and, in addition to turning out .45 automatic and military rilles. product* ,22 pistols based on the Colt Woodsman design. Chile has also produced automatic pistols. In the United States of liraxii, manufacturers are turning out sport and defense handguns, as well as the Danish-designed Mad sen submachine pint in . 15 caliber, Müasife loading shotguns and folding guns of the "Oame^eiier" class are made hy Lerap ousts > October IW

Company. Tbc firm Forfas Taurus 5A makes revolvers like the Smith & Wesson. From brazil, even if they are just made as "prestige" models for their international competitors, new s^iort firearms might appear.

In (lie Kap id lire event, any ,22 auto pistol or revolver may be used, if it is safe. Says Kaliuitchenko, "Rapid lire pistol shooting a I silhouettes is one of the most ddlicult forms of marks ma us! lip. The first shot of each scries is extremely important, as the arm has to travel from the lteadv position to the center of the Iir?-[ target. This is a distance considerably greater than from target to target. The first shol musl be lired at a very definite moment; otherwise the whole tempo and rhythm would lie upset am! the result id the whole series spoiled,"

KaJiiutchenkoV technique for getting the pistol up begins with a fast start in the {Cotiltnuecl on page 32)

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