Kiew spread on Waulicgan's lake front Features 50-, J 00-, 300-meter ind 200 yard rifle ranges with point house which will retemble Montevideo ISLMype shooting club (rt.)


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AS VOl READ THIS, bullet» arc ihudding into a new ii. hack »top beside the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan - -bullets fired in ¡1 shooting match lluit can brighten iht 11iciure of internal ionaI rotation*. Shuts snapping out in measured cadence under I fie long, low joint firing shed a I Wmiltegaii, 111 ion is. mark I lie fulfillment of the work arid dreams of mans men: the completion of the first public International-style shooting range in the I nited Staler It is a range laid out in meters, not yards, and designed for the I e rise, drama lie. sometimes very slow* sometimes startling!)1 hist. Inn always colorful courses of rilie and pistol competi tion se! up by I lie International Shooting Union. This range may mark the beginning nf a new era. at loasl a new phase. of target com pel i I ion in I he Americas, i u rintc, record.* of I nited States1 shooters in international competition are goocL E>u■ not good enough In jus-tif) our housts thai we are the vlor!it's best marksmen. This is not strange, since few Li. S. large tee rs have es er hml an oppor!unity to practice on an international-type range or lo shoot I he international courses of fire. The only range for this type of practice has been the one al Ft Henning, Georgia-wiih the result that most of ihe

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