II T W-\S NEARING SUNDOWN as I headed ioto the kind of deer country that is home i" rae—sn^ll hills sprinkled with mesquite and oak trees and pwfuae Ihw brush. This was the Edwards Plateau of Texas: that hell of hilt)' country snaking up the heart of the stale. There are more whitetai] deer concentrated in this area north of San Antonio than any other comparable region in Texas.

1 h^as following a fenceline that separated two cow pastures when, shortly, I came to a brush-covered knoll which commanded an obstructed view of a prairie at reletting <>flf to tin- east, h was a nearly perfect spot. I could watch lots iif countryside; there was ample brush for concealment; the sun Was a I my hack end wouldn't blind me: and a faint breeze was blowing to my face so that no sensitive Jeer noses con hi detect my presence.

Crouching down between two clumps of brush, 1 pulled a plastic jamt call from my pocket. With the other arm, I tilted my cap back and blotted the sweat along by brow with my shirt sleeve. Ii was a hot September afternoon. The owning of lite deer season was almost two months away. But ) wain't hunting. This was strictly an experimental trial, to satisfy my ohhn euriosily. Anyway, Texas is one of lite few slnti-s where it is illegal


to hurt deer wit!i the aid of a call. iCheck yogr own slate.)

1 -¡■Littl<j<l the i ■ h 11 cmifidenliy between mj lips. Fur two weeks 1 hail Ih.h.'ii practicing «1 home until I figured I had the tone down pat. Then I Weill lo work, 11 was a bleating, pleading cry. the kind of a Tioist: you'd esper.'l from a faun I h;il became separated from lis mother or pot caupht in .1 fence.

Every few moments I'd pause 1 h ■ scrutinize ific prairie inUtilly. Aflcr roughly five minutes. i spied movement on [he far side id [lie charing. Momentarily, a ciiraoieJ-cniored rli>[■ trotted info the open, her cars poi^riJ alertly. I kept beckoning, hopping. wilh a soft. muffled cry.

The doe ran to the hase of the knoll before hailing. She snorted belligerently,

I kept e tilling and scantling ihe peri meter of the prairie. The curious doe trotted bark and forth, searching for the source of ihe cry, hul she refused to come any rioter. In jihoiit fifteen mi nut us I decided In move. \\ lien I stood up, the dot turned frantically fljid scamperetl into the brush, her while IlIiL brlruying every jump,

A few hundred yards further a ml I came to a hip. led

»ink, I climbed tn the lower branches and seated myself eomfortabh in a fork, l p high, 1 I'ouhi see for a lung disianrc. Vlien I started to call. (Cdntinue4 on pope <Mj

White tail buck res poo ds to game calf developed out of earlier worlt with lo*, varmint callers.

Tinsley at wort (above and left) lured many deer within easy gun shot using Biimham's new call, which takes guess work out of hunting (below).

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