M Ico Book Ofusd Gun Values


Hurry, st-wl fur your copy today! V oq won't want tn he without iIim vnlu-ahle referr lice work, liV tiic price lm»<U>ook fur ¡tun nbthugiaalM everywhere, \thI itV all newf for I OS1)! [ke hruiul new edition ¡iive- you the luteal evaluation of thr tiei'd gun market ; . . it'll» yuti wiiai your ¡*un? arc ^urili tixliiy . - - lists the ap-io-date valtn- of over 1.5ml famou« make firearm* in three price cairgories: fair, good ami cm el lent eomlition. In» II HtkI valuable itirortnalion on what to look for in used firearms , . , how to In' an expert bargain hunter lhhI bow 10 get the most Tor your nioneii when you trade-in your gunp. Aft now!

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(il Magasine

«ISO jN. Central I'urk SL.ikie. Illinois G-lOit lïnslt my copy of tin- now, révi^d RED BOOK OF USED GIN i

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