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The Gun That Receives Unstinted Praise From Its Severest Critics

Double Automatic shotgun

OU NKltS ARE, understandably, a ¡juin severest critics. They know, from actual experience, what a gun can do far them in fit lit or lilflrsh. And, almcdf without exception, owners arc unqualified in their praise and uriunimous in their testimony the Urownini; Double Auto ma I it: shotgun futuiif/s 11 nr:t t ir«l "l shooting ptnuurtt

The Doulilc Automatic. vnu kiwiv, is not ? pi) [nr the multitude. Rather, ii meets the uteds of sportsmen and ipom-KOt|t(n ukho, in view of today's b.u: limits, believe I it; in weight, line balance and last handling qualities, arc more important one's shooting JUcCess than additional firepower-They rtrcociLi/t'. in full, the scientifically engineered advantages the Double Automatic oflers -- exclusive Features *hich not only contribute to better ¿booting but tb less fatigue ¿it the end of a long day's hunt. These features a re:

Lighter weight bv! with oil lh* Tetogniied advantage! of the li gauge — thi1 shorter shol :-triog, heavier pellet concent rat ion, and the flexibility gf 6Q'. more load variety ilinn is available in anv Other gauge. The 1 )oubEe Automatic is midf ""h iti 11' gauge but in models a* licht as 6 pounds. which is less than runs I 20 gauge nuns. Who wouldn't |>reTee (he Weight of a gauge wjth iht hitability of a 1 2 gauge!

O Better balance and bundling qualities. The must compact receiver ever designed in an automatic or repeater type shotgun plus cat flu IK calculated d ¡sir ¡but ion of the recoil mechannm give the Double Automatic the superb balance of a fine "double"' gun. Loaded ur unloaded, the balance never changes. It is so precise, in fuet, thai the gun jwints with the speed and timing one experience» in pointing his own finger, a character' isiic so essential to faultless. fast handling.

Soft cushioned re toil. Weight reduction without recoil compensation would mean uncomfortably shooting and. in tin it, poor shooting. In the design of the Double Automatic provision was made for recoil reduction. A radically stronger bribing system is utilised, permitting mechanical absorption of much of tiie recoil energy and i hereby noticeably soften ins the "kick". As a result, its owner will experience unparalleled soft recoil, a feature particularly appealing to ihc light weight individual.

Fait and easy loading — equally convenient for left or tight handcrs. even with heavy gloves. Loading is so fail and convenient one might .say the Double Automatic is "never empty". Shooting and loading can be closely coincident. There needn't be any Switching of "hands or turning the gun over to load, in fael, loading is so simple the Double Automatic can remain ¿it the shoulder, in shooting position. Visually loo, one knows instantly how many shells are in I he gun.

Without adjustment of any kind the Double Automatic shoots unloads, in any combination desired, from the lightest tie Id or target load to and including tile heavy ¿IV Magnum.

There arc other fcaHires too:

A safer safety, cquallv convenient to riyht or lelt hand. A short, crisp trigger pull ■ again comparable to that of the tine over-under Superposed.

liarrels are completely interchangeable, in seconds. Merely press down a latch, lilt out the barrel, and insert another of different length or rhoke.

Most humeri du not buv ,i gun primarily for its appearance, yet owners tell us graceful styling and meticulous workmanship were important motivating factors in their original selection of a Double Automatic,

T he precision hairline Jilting by Browning gunsmiths, who have true craftsmen's pride in their artistry, is strikingly evident in every Double Automatic. The select French walnut in stock and forearm is hand-finished and jhinV-chcckcred. The receiver is ftflFtii-engraved in delicate patterns which gleam jewel-like against the contrasting background,

For those who may welcome a tasteful escape From the more conventional gun finishes, some models are offered with conservatively dignified colored receivers in Forest Green, Autumn Brnwn or Satin tiray — all with Silver engraving. Equally attractive is the rich and striking Dragon Black with Gold engraving. The tubr Is infused into the metal proper: It is extremely hard and actually wears longer than more customary finishes.

Yes, traditional Browning attributes are apparent in every Double Automatic, bespeaking the matchless quality upon which Browning's rc put at inn has fieen so solidly built.

if you are considering a new gun, you owe it to yourself to visit a Urowning Dealer and examine (he Double Automatic. It ejjordi an rntirAy tutti InUii ufnm iuhith ttfjudgt tl gm,

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