Mode by o notionolly known borrel-mokcr of highc»t repute, we now otfer the potcntcd "button rifled" »mooth, hord. »wedoed, »■■ groove chrome moly barrel of obtolutdy top quolrty, completely thrcoded precition chombcred and crowned ot o moncy-taving prke

5our choice ot weight at 2-250 and other calibers.

• Immediately ovoilablc for the FN Mooter. Springfield, Enfield and 722 Remington Action.

• Choice of Calibers: 220 Swift, 22-250, 24l Win., 244 R«m„ 250 Sov., 257-R, 270 Win., 7mm, 300

SAV., 30« WIN., .30-06, .25-06 and the new 280 REM. 222 alto available for the 722 Rem. only.

You can now hove your favorite caliber in moderate NOW also for the 54-70 Win. including 25-0«.

Ace "8utton-Riflcd" Borrel». Eoch ---- S24.00

la aenl lo in nt. lira.lapo.-r and Iral-Rr». Inrludinc handllnr.

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