Mostshotat Target

IContiiUttd Irttm jingi-■■wrhanging banks. malted witll locu-i noil umi&Bi ipnitlH anil grape rintf .mil bramble*. ^ aymoB CflOXed Rambler down iiit 11 the ditch am!—ilut did it. Two cnltun-tail- hu-ied «lit from under one Hreteb of overlap£>n$ rl■ -li l^nk Jtnd link nil. nnti right In-hind (lie »tVict. l-im .mil Sue all Inn fill into 1 1"ih- ditch t<i join lie- red lint chase.

I he end Hit till: long ditch whert il tapered iUtt In level ¡¡round we fijwlfd til'1 cultan-Ijil- til iepar?le, hilt Till Miefc tiling ha|i|iened, VI'r -jw litem 1-rnh-- I III1 earner oi an open field, and Wavfflon >4iii|. eKclleillv "Hope lliey -lav Ingelhcr ami circle luit!"

H rli eve ¡1 (,' n«l. I hey did, Waynion got J i.i 11 dnH'ii hnl i > 11 ii' ditch, while Fred look j *|.iml im I he imllk. i tnok my -land up, diirh near tin- honeywH kl<L thicket.

Tbs <■ running beagle- made a wide e ire Irani I linally In-adcd haek Inward [fir lumen--mkle jungle, I .aw the twq l mimics. -nil «inly Three «r four foel apart. In rip he lure I hey were within -liolguu range. VI hat mad'1 lliem "link together like that I i»ill neMl kniiw, hut they did. Vud I hey skirted the jungle mi my side, within Hty fundi»! range. JflU before ihr' lending mil on tail di*-.i|iprand over tin- edge oi I he ditch h-ink. I let hi in ha He tt. He dismppenrpd JntO I he ditch, and I hail To gel nil nly MCojuJ -Init in a hurry, »n fa-t thai I wn-n'r lim *ure I liar 1 had hi! I hat teecmd Hilling ferret. IIu1 when I gol to where I could see down mm■ 11he bailout of iIn- ditch, there they b*ib herr. iliiiil nn<l waiting, I iiud scored a fa-1 dnuhlc; -nrm-lbing ran1 indeed ill mllnulail hunting.

An si ion ¡e- (lie beagles cisie in, We pill 1 lieu i mi 11 a-h and headed fur nih house inr -audwiche- aorl colh-e. \ n-i I during the In ej I her we gol in comparing nole-. I'red and I lime been hunting -mall garni- every -ra-lirt [nf inure I linn So year-. \Yr grew up in the nautr Tfinc^'c bill country, back when not many rabhil hunter« u-ed dn^- of any kind. The* didn't mini lo, Any "lit mold go mil and walk Up oftem or twenty lahhu - in hall a day. Kid- u-cd lo bun1 iIu'ui for pbtjkel money —.1 nickel a rabbit at J no Bailey'* general ntore, HlqiL]i«wiler - fii ■ 11— i Wi—Iltii New Chief I wire ihirlf-five i-i nli a liojt then, ami tlie (illy eentt ur an

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