(fibirltinHril (firm pa/If. 62) I>u11[i f arid Laihmiller die* operate «Hilc vilint lit;i' Harvey Lev« Ejoctknv except e Itvef i- iii'l prgiiildL II L»<p3Ii-i- are diBiiaill In eject by band. lap the ejintor witll a mallet, lS.dil'-r die- are available Willi puberal rui-u* ihiifH". die temi-wadcniioi' ln'ing my choice. Ha filer plltli I■ ► -uppl; jackets a* Htnn n- lie cu I iii 11-up. 1 icing i|uile busy with making In- fine rifle ho f let dir- at pre-ent, LaVehilte jprkctl an- uul fvQD ki--iii kill tm Id . il 10 type, or a melal f^1 ,45

i! !l'r Made id -pivifieatirm gihling mi-lal, iln-y un- I riaimed lo iititiurm length ami ihe

Duillh i-jniirinl. \iter drawing, they an1 annealed to tenxjvi temper, then lirigln dipped. Soft fiihltng met a I ai't> a- a I Librium, ■ ■ I i««i i -nale- copper f-Hi ling, and present- -waginj a thup iilge oil ha-e-, They Jill grouve- pel', f,icily when fired, A .MOST'is .018" thick, .H'l .«20". Harnd life i* m»»y times ¡he H KJ rmimls ailulled a .45 ACP, Masnu WilUiBn |its-i I over ] Ti.l mh> hot |.ind> in One

,44 thai rtwwi tto *or at alL Mace eftb males bore lile will he "Well user 5(1.000 mumls." A fibontcT employed tiv a large handgun maker said lie can't iteleel any inure wear tlian wilti naked athiy bullets, and iilie barret should last the average slumler "two lifetimes" I tun.' wear ii negligible Willi Jugular or lfriiL.\.|mre linltels,

11 n il-X-tiores an- fur mndcr.itc velneity or larg-'l>, Stuue target hJlOOleff and police dnpaHmenl*. usj lb,Lm becausc zinc bases are cheaper thin jacket-. The zinc wa slier makes a [n't feet tm-e, tindtforn I when lited. Like

Jugutar-. I hey itne an unalloyed le.nl vim or <-a>t L'lire tu ini-iea-e -tun-king power fur a gihen weigh! a nil velueily, Moulds arc made fur cailiug th«e bid I el- rcaily In rJnmt, btit I tie swaged type rum- more uniform, Be-bite -Inn ii i up. Imre- nm-t be perfertly cteatl, ami broken-in with a few figlil hi.nh. 1 prefer I lie tiigher n-lueity jaelccted pills.

[ used -dine uf the lit-I HiHfV60ll diet thai rainc out in I'M I, to make uniform hutlei- with a pa- cheek tia-e. \ 1 grain pill bad gni,i| accural} at fliO fpi in .38 or ,357 Jttinn, These are nut for high velmily. With


You will find thi$ new Breda Qun is best becauae it hat..,

■ 60 S«iwiti ".Vd-Taa! " Tai^-Oown anytim«-nny wher*... with screw le«»'"^ teeloct" deii kci

■ C'ompletf. lnlerchnnK<rabilityof Parti in euch moJet «ihm mullin II friiiii Brfdi prrcLiini) L" niilni'erlng

■ Br?duLt Qiiitk Choke Sytlcm intcrchiinijKh-nWflrholtelu^e»»hieh in« inlemulengineered eXLisnHbanH <>[ th,: harret... ILAiuring satM'rior shu! natlrlTiLi t firi'dn'i Hitrrf Chrcmi Lintel Barre! impur-vrnui ta ml,pLtiing.*nd eorroiion...reducia IkadinK

Parti aaif Hnin CArfili BMlTitifr iaCudf^

thrifliilh your £lakin fjjin. C.'n, ri'^r.'aenninLC.

[Jislribaled In U.S-A. bv

Dakln Gun Company

Dcjjl.JiI.SI, 121 Secund Street San FiHKitc«, Catif«rni*

n,i gnLasc armvc and shot kíih"iit lube, you mu-I we lO^í- tin alltiy wire «luge. The dies arc fur u-e in i tu1 popula* Hollywood Senior [ire—, ur tile Super Turret with extra lie rods. Alloy win: nofltr than 10% ■">< Hill i III, my tnixOH will not he satisiaetory witll tfiis gas ciieeli ban".

I in-rim|icd jackets may occasionally she,I in llighl ai llj'V. wliLi-h open* groups. W hen shouting on water, a nearby -pla-li indicate* a -heil jacket. Harvey flanucfure Dies make perfect crirapa, like Faelory Jliguiar-, illnml iilHJ per hour in a -I and an I pres-s, Atttiéaled Jugular jai-kL-ls rcLiuee "springhack," -u you tan often moil (lie op«»)hm. The trh-k i- lo -<~al I lie bulli'1- ss) I lie jacket limuih is alionl llu-h »¡lh t tie case mo ml,. One except inn is a 154 grain pill in .357 tint! lor use in t^olt gun-., it must tic crimped ahead nf I lie jaelicl to slay within cylinder Length.

Lighter buUnta eatl be dril Oil al over 2,LH)0 Eps in n'Vii or ,'l-i ,M a gnu ill'. My favorite .:t57 Iliad h i 127 grain S.P, aiicad of V) gr*, ^UKJ for ],<J*m fps. What it doc In Var<

The Boy who starts with a Sheridan ... STARTS right!

'I lure ts no bciLcr or safer «ni for it fallwrlaiptrad acc lihiDeiottisuorld of llinini Ihn IW I high quatiiy, ifuly ictoivta MauDAH Fecumaiie Rule. Tbc HtHtnMi.tDÔ#)i ÉHuritdT and 4u>ri1y ia Lhe batclUcet or »¡1 h ureal e|T«l MaEduun. |1'3 a rcul ijihur-jiid-Min rule... mid for onl^ HS.'fi.

FIU-duI nraitutl H-II- ihr i,, "i y ,lei,L ix vl' ü r !, t Jlt.L lui the uLlns.

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