Proofin millionths of a second

The amazing unrctouchcd photos abovu—sin hi lit two millionth* "1 a Seeoml, just as flu- 30*3(1 bullets were emerging from the barrels—show One reason why J farliif* exclusive Micro-Groove [lifting* means on, up-crtuje SO-J5% íneren« i it accuracy.

Notice the little cloud ahead of the lililí ft on top. That's gas, mid it "leaked" im> lint J t lit- bullet fired f mm a conventional barrel. Escaping g;ts can "flip" tin; bullet íls it leaves Llic barrel, greatly mincing aceuracy.

Now linjk ill llii' luilift al the l>ot-

torn. 'litre's almost nr>g;i* ahead of i I—proof that Micro-Groove ltS fling cuts down oti gas leakage and gives higher, more uniform muzzle velocities at)(I flutter trajectories.

Notice, too, tliiit with Micro* Groove llifljng there arc 10 shallow grooves in tlie bulletPs jacket, instead [hi four tL> sist deep nries as with convention ;tl rifling. Micro-Gruovc

Rtfling's tigbt grip rluesn'l pile tip mi tiil riilgcs HulI destroy halatiee, Ami M iero-Groove Ii ¡flu ig makes all Marlin rtfle bar reis easicr to keeji clean.

Whfltlicr you pm ft>r tropliics, Irrings "t- lin com, llure's a Marli n modcl ior Von, Ask yonr giui (kalter to help you chotwe—tnti Ite K)ire tn nee the Janiota Martin Model .i-iti < 'titbiiiv iiliwlrated betow. Ks » real mt ai-in^iie-fre czer ga mc-yetter.


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