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doer i>n'i hearlv as Surefire nor as easy a* railing predators. I.) no reason is thai I lie calli'r is wotkim; with entirely d ilii-n-ot variable*. A meat-hungry predator an-wer* a rail lieeauae it i« failed by I he firnaii-e oi an ea-y meal, ISuI a deer . . , well, o» one know* enarily why a deer in attracted by a call Tin- Pur nil am blether« have a few personal (henries. however.

"That call thai imitate* tin- Ideal t( a |ata-ii in diltKSV «cuius lo work pond in ibe Snilhwest wlicre eoyules a till wolve* eat yiulilR deer" Murry fiurnliai" npllinH. "I'll.1 friniltfill Ideal of a iber limine chased ami pulled down by a predator will luUlg I.thi'r deer running tn tie rescue. especially older deer to the aid td ibt'ir young, I'his is oho nf nuf beliefs. Ann I her !■- tlial miih1 deer answi'r the call more mil «i euriniily 1111111 any Other reason, We kit aw of no otlh-i logical Explanations*

Hailing I he hici-r i-- legal in mnjl staler but it Would lir- w!m- to ebcck your OW11 state law,

"I be brother* have Too mi tlui tUtctm i-slling in ai-enmpii-bed only in areas. with bountiful populations iti deer. F«r WHtW un-kii'.v n rcaMin, tin- caB ilm'm'l work tery Will in area« that an- span-ely pAftulltfd wilfi deer. The IhM lime for calling, thflyV iliM-niH-red, i- hilwivu daybreak and p, tail ling supplement Stand ling iery rtithd) l.iu-ale yourself ill a ipot exactly a-yn would if himling from a stand. Tllell lr> rulliiig. \ll tbr basic rsqiurilc? still are niiM-s-ikry ibe wind in y«or faiOf. good eon.

real and a location where you can

Match a widfl area.

Tfie eye* id a di-er are adapted li> movement and ¡1 can he iuolcd. a* can mnst game. In thing' which d<> nut move. TIm- br»t1n-i-wear ramoiillagr clothing, ami they hane found ill is lo lie sufficient conn'a Intent if hey remain »till, Even ulntv, i-a^nsl 111nii1.1i'. dun'i weni to ^really alarm deer; only llie Hidden, jerkv iriiivi'ments.

Differed! deer react in different way? in a nlll. mine fast, oblivion- lo danger.

Others cirelo war ill. keeping lo ibe pruleC-linn 111 the wmul*. A doe will answer a call tnUch mora readily than a buck, perhaps because id the motherly instinctive reaction lit I In- fawn bleat, til course, dci-r arr jioili^ to he tnnre wary and easily »pooked during I he hunting season.

Tin1 one important thing to remember in ilerr calling is mit [11 overdo il- W lien aiter predator», I he lili liter ealfs eoullnuuU-ly, Bill for fleer, call only euongh lo arou-e the animal'- rurirhiiy, t'all briflly. then jj.iu^-jnil liH'k ami lislcn. Continue ibis ]iroi:edure fiti hfn-eli In lw<-nl> in in ill''-, If Iry lln-u you haveit^ prodm-eii. look for another -jml.

Mien- is nothing ln)sllT1tiU> nor dillieull jImi.ii railing deer. CunBuareal calls have pill it witfiiu every hunter's ability. But many (millers tuv tbe palienee nor iH-mpiTimi'iil lit bceouie proficient at tbr

I bat dooms Our deer herd» I" ex tine! ioiL It jllu-r. il only .1 dilb-rcnt and fa-ciiMtin^ ami challenging appfUch to our UdsI pogjul,ir big-game honilnc spirt.

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U.f.A, iurpfuj heavy gaugr vin^lrfa RIFLE CASE5—4 for $1,00 i--.. .1

U- HJiBi Ainnix - 31

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The BAljaipe Sputring Scopc eliminfltes guesswork :ind error . . . helps you spitt your rar^r i|tiickl}" aod accurately witftoitt changing position. The ch"icc of champions for quarter ni a ceitLury, liALsonpt.' provides nprical perforniiince and comfort not tound in other fCOpes nf rhi.ij cbiss. There's no eyestrain to cnuse fatigue even after Injur-, Df stL-aJy uje day ¡ifrcr day nn rhc line___clarity and hrilitdncc of image are unvuepa^sed. Try thir. riigi;Li.l spiirrinn iCopc, specially designed for theCirgec shooter,,, sei how it can help improve your scores.

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Si 13 (llh price: infill Jet fhoifc of 15X. 30 X. iox fir fiOX iotecCha nFTvabte e yujii reel.


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