performance in the field. All K Models Nitrogen Processed to Prevent Fogging

These Features Are Found Only in Mudel K Wenver-Scopes: FIXED RETICULE with INTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS i"

Moilrl K a riMÍiiiir* .sri-nknyi invLir-Hely nn-11-j l-1h : nn ii' :hi- imiiiki-

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,4Í/ ThiTn,!^ J oint ti fiivríd-ií With NROPRENE t) liiKr.H

a PtmititV í.'íihff/íitssííihi Sl'tll ticnscs Arc !IKH M E* I' 1C A LL V SE AI D Atfiixil Air and Moisi an1

* Eight K Models, from I la It) pouvr. from afoul nf I

demonstration and ftis Ottual prm'H.

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to about SfiW- See your /¡porting goads (ftWer for o W'9 tl'- f - H'ilJL*' O.

HIoSibí' «einl FREE aj-pnitiü full eotur cjiEjlIo« nf Wi'iLvrr-Scü]^'H Muri MuuiiIm.


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JtuKOl E- Offllf 8f

Telfard, Pa. und his monslrnu9 müoae—anlief spread «^--laksn «rilh «A4 Hornady butlct.

Kenai Moose with a Hornady 180

JtuKOl E- Offllf 8f

Telfard, Pa. und his monslrnu9 müoae—anlief spread «^--laksn «rilh «A4 Hornady butlct.

Qui lot meortfiíd irom oicoíe *hsw» perleet expansion

"Extremely accurate and deadly at any range"

says Rassel Groll about Hornady 8ultet&. "On my Alaskan hunt I shot this Kenai Peninsula moose at n range of 225 yards. Load was 57 grains of 4350 behind the Hornady 1H0 grain round nose bullet In my M 10 Winchester 30-06. Also look two black bears at 2D0 yards. This load gave me enlreme accuracy and killing power, Xenai moose are the world's largest, Snd 1 consider mysel! fortunate in having seeded such a fine bullet."

For accuracy, sure pencl ration, and instant dependable mushrooming, h an rito □ J your carl ridges wilh Hcrnady Bullets when you go alter game.

Búllela to alt papular caliberslo *S. Sand card tor li*1.


iUnder ALL Conditions!


Kltnitimiiul )mtii ¡Hija- !! I gren>e kniiun ys the Ted W illiam? Cut Grease, Ii in packaged in plas-lic tube- with fcreW cap and tiny spmii ditpan^r. \\V havi- bnuid llii- an evcellen! gun grease. i|uir<- unalieelr'ri t»y cbcfl£» in tempenihtn' end well pa<-kaged lor tlie hunter nr fishermen, It baf worked n-ry well in Pfleuger Supreme u*lí¡&

i eels us weil as Enr gun lubrication nr hnro pruted i<Hi from rusl. hlilcrmn lia- long miiiiu-íuelnred ami marketed n very high grade oil -■■liable ffir the fincM time pieces ai- well a> guns and fi-liing reels, and the new grease -'ompletes I heir litte.

Rifle nuil Sixfiiin Fur South AmiTicu

Knr <|11 yen I I he .44-40 Wim-bester lille ami carbim- and .1-1-111 l.nb -ixgun- hate been uhmil as standard in Sotltb America as I be .SO-Ml' in North America, The .11-10 millunili"ii i* al>D esliilf obtainable liiere. Kor llii- rvajófl, many guing to S^ulh \ineri-

'j f<if a hunting trip EkttVC ipluyed lbe

. I I hi tilh- and sisgun, Aimut lbe heaviest game I here i» I he tapii and I lie jaguar, hiiii -mué crocks, \u even hetl-'r eombi rial ion wniiid he Ih<- -It Magnum revidver, either SmWj & \\ r--<m i»r linger, ami a Model Winchester ntbarreiled by Ward Knout nf Douglas Aritnm for the ,-]'l Magnum e«J1-ridge. 'The a nnu u nit in ii, howcer, would nave 10 he carried wilh llic hunter,

MoK -himling !-■ at close range, and -m-h a combination ¡> ideal fur jaguar, small deer, and Mini tar game, Don't umtcrcsliniale I hi: big cal, lumen er. For he n it I lighl you like a h-o[»ttril and i» n larger, heavier animal. If shotguns are laken and u-ed. lliry elm aid be -ighted for -lug- iimI a supply of them laken almig. iu addilion In ilie shot shell?.

Engraved Smith & Wrttoit fietoltwM

The Smilh Ji IVe-son [lonple an1 again lurniiig mil many finely engraved speclneiH ni iheir reecker-. belli fnr wlioh-ate and retail trade. Vim can nuw get your fivorile

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