Red Book Of Used Gun Values

The Price Handbook (or Gun Enthusiasts!

* How fo qui the moil Far your money when you trade-In your firearm*

4 How !o bo an expert bargain hunler in the used gun market

# What to look for in used firearms

• Lists the up-to-date value of aver t,500 famous name guns


You get 14 issues of GUNS, pft/s the Red Book of Used Gun Values.. >a $9.00 Value ... oil for $5.00

GUNS ij o different kind ol mogoiine. No expense hoi been spared to moke GUNS the finest magazine on the subject ever published. You'll enjoy page offer page of large drama fit p hotog ra phi showing, you just haw different guns work. You'll get the ideos, techniques and secret; of the expert} in lodual articidS written by the world's foremost authorities. We urge you to loke Advantage of ihis limited time offer novnj Fill in ihe coupon below and mail ¡1 today!

Brand new




You late no risk! If GUNS hn't »v*ry thing we say ii ¡¡l juit tfH m. We'll fonm»dlal#fy refund yowl 4PGn#y nrrj you *nHy befip fht Rrd P-oct f«r yoWr IrcufcSr Mall the coupon loefay while Phis limiled offer lo»li!

This coupon worth $4.00 if mailed before October 1st

GJNS Arto gal i rtt

I1]D N, Cmtral Park Avenue

Si ort my ii>bi<r Lpiicn 1« GUUS immtdlstíly. fníloied finit 11,00 for )4 iiiuti PLUS the Rod Ad oh ol J ted Gun Volve», If I'm not <empfotefy lolitfird you'll refund my money and J ion Lffp I he 60 ok.


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