Tuneup Practice For Big Game Targets


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Pest or practice target, the ground squirrel is small, fast.

THE RANGEi elnse to 2ft I yards. The shot: across a fug filled canyon which made even thai In rip range took longer. The large); elk.

The Lull si mid facing me, head liigh. his fine rat'k clearly etched against the snow of I he further slope. He wns one to remember, and to keep, if 1 could drop him. And I did. The 2UU grain ;348 bullet hit ai the base of the throat and he fell without * struggle.

I'm proud of thai shot; proud of (he trophy, Hut this story is not about elk hunting, or hig game hunting ot any kind. I'his is a story about how you get the skill, I he riltr confidence, that makes such shots pay off when they are olfered,

I have Lifted a dozen elk ami several times tliat number of deer, not tu mention other big gin me. Hut the preparation for the cross ■canyon shot at a hull elk ivas not gaiticd from «hots at hip game, or even with a big game rifle. Practice for that shot was not with toy Model 71 .348 Winchester; it waa with a Marlin Model 29 .22 caliber leier action, and with Murlui Model 322 caliber .222 Remington. The targetsY Columbiri ground squirrels.

I hunt in tin- west-coast mount runs all during the summer, and there1* never a dearth of ground squirrel targets (runt June imii| kite auluum. The ground squirrel is a pmlilu breeder and u small, fast, sriiurl target. lie comes iti many

Sell's squirrel range with sunny slopes where striped ground squirrels play is also stroe terrain he shoots over in late fall at deer. Lilte conditions make good hunting practice for big game.

Ground Squirrel Hunting Oregon


From sublime (bull el*, left) to ridiculous (above) is not so far, since woods-living nut-crack era are hunted much like deer.

shape*. j'lihirs. ami coals. depending on win1 re you hum him: there are álmnsl as nun; ipcciei of him us of p i * i ■ 111 r~: hut he is aJsvnvs a prime rifle target, one ot the best ftir big game prat^ifx.

I Jic mountains I hunt, in-ur M;rlle Creek, Oregon, arc covered with groves »hf pine and out, sagebrush fiats, open hills ami grain fields. with just the righl amount of broken ruck tst'nrpmeiils for a ground squirrel paradise, I often

Pay-off for shooting pal Art Richardson is shot at fat Douglas Gray with HVA big-bore built for deer.

haul alone, workiftu out problema of field shootings with liei-i and elk in nutnl. Sometime* I have another hunti-r wilh Mc. in lent on his own i i r Iii shooting problem*.

These summer tune-lips for big ¡jame '■booting are no casual undertakings. Several essentials must he observed if tlat-j. are to ha vie an auiunm payoff. I vary my practice from da; to day. One da; J may devote entirely to polishing up my precision, long range. big game shooting. Another day. 1 Concentrate on off- [Continued on ¡xtfie 211

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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