Variable Power Scopes

¿VI purpose . .. inslanl change 1o any power from 21 (o 6- German precjsron optics give clear view in adverse light, Internat windage and elevation adjust menls, binocular fee using. Light rn weight, dust and moisture proof. Fbest scoje em ottered at $59.93.

Only 5 lbs. 6 oz. . . , and a beautiful "heavy gun" perlormer. Tiie Lightweight is responsive . . . see vraie , . . fast handling even after hours of big game hunting. Calibers: .270, .3(M>6. .308. .Î43. 7mm, How $139.95. See this and other Husqvam* rites a! your dealers.

The constantly increasing worldwide popularity anti demand for the Husqvarna Lightweight has placed it in the enviable position of being the largest setting bolt-action high-powered lightweight rifle in the world. Husqvarna rifles hâve always required higher prices than these of competing guns because they are unquestionably the finest among bolt-action rifles. Due to the great worldwide increase in sales, the Husqvarna factory has achieved greater economy in production without sacrifice of quality, resulting in new low prices for all popular models.

Write for free catalog ol Ike tompteie Tradewmds line for "59.

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