Model R

(Scope and base not included)

INTRODUCING THE NEW 30 REMINGTON AR. It's the world's only 30-caliber big-game cartridge for the lightweight R-15 platform and produces ballistics similar to the venerable 308 Win. with much lower pressures. Because comparable terminal power was once only available in the heavier AR-10 platform that can weight up to 10 V> lbs. with a scope, its development creates a revolutionary new big-game hunting system - our handy R-15 platform matched with a cartridge that will put down deer-sized game with gusto. This year's offerings include the most trusted big-game bullet of all time, Core-Lokt, the pinnacle of polymer-tipped accuracy, AccuTip and an economical UMC loading. As a cartridge, the 30 Remington AR breaks new ground. In conjunction with our R-15 modular repeating rifle, it marks the beginning of a new era in the deer woods of North America.

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