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SAMTA ANA GUNROOM P. O. Bon IT TT Son r n Ana. C.ilif-

Make any ^un owner happy . , . different, finest ipiality lentber ewe, KVi" i 414" it twu boxes of shells for field hunting, trap, skeec or duck shooiinp. Adju.Htab!« shoulder strap, brass Sflap fastener. High quality ideal gift uf club prize, i 10.00 Post Paid Ta* included. In Ohio add itl certs sitien ras. AUqw 2-Í weeks for deiivery, ÍATISFftCTlON GUAI*HltlD

S.nd [S.rck or moeei fdei * 1h (oupOn to Tori.-n Fr^udj, lex 1 BI, Sy^ania, Oftio.


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