00EHLER BARRELS, proof tttal. t*ml-Mta«en. ribbed, matted tniire length. Madt by FRANZ S00IA of Fer-latli. Auitrla. Is .22. .26. .270. 7mm. »nd .30 tallbir. Alto nt.» available ln_.243 a«d .244 tal. Hignly accural»— in th* whit*r$45.00r(Fltttd t* your attloa. «Ith thtartd bead, complttc price $G0.00.)

2-GR. SPRINGFIELD BARRELS $3.00. Ca»« *f 10 $23.00


New! Kra« 2-Graove 30-40 BARRELS 23" or It»» In l»n«1h. Fully cltacbcred threaded Only $15.00. 4.GR. ORDNANCE BARRELS 23' Ion«, fully cbara. btrcd. tftnaded. blutd, $20.00

New: MAUSER ?»—30-09 2-GR. BARRELS 23" or Ittt In length. Fully chtmbtrtd A. Ihrradtd, Only $14.00. Not«: Any of th« above Barrel» «xprrtly fllttd to >vur Acti»n—btadipaccd and Ittl-ftrtd—$2.50 additional.

"CW Svrinuheld Ni»al Steel Bolt »3.SO. um* bolt ,w »r«p» Willi i .oar >>rU lundis like 70

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