The double Automatic provides an eniirriv new kind i>r shooting pleasure. Has (he superb balance i>f a lint "oyer-nnder" sholftun. ll points wLlh the speed and liming (jiic experiences in i^uminn his own linger. Fait and easy leading. Sufi cushioned recoil. Made only in 1J gauge, with models ai li^fn AS fi poundl.

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This "over-under" leaves not hint; to be desired. Fine balance and weight, a sLflglc sighting plane, chokes of pKferfncc, illtomatic ejeCto", sin^lr "elective irigcf r. fi'j <Jrtij>ntd to make you shoot belter and offers a lifetime of smooth. dependable perform ance. 12 or 20 gauge and combination extja barf el Ktl>



,22 Au lorn otic

The ideal piiniter for every member of your Family, just the right sire, Only 4'h pound? and perfcct Man« make good shooting easy. Rugged atl-nwl conitTUCtion. Accept ¡cope mounts. Takes down <o just ID inchef. for COhVen-Jem I^aeking or storage. Many safely fcatUid, ,22 Short and Long Rifle models.

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