Hordaoo Sun Holster And Belt

beautifully designed wJüi ^"hllo rdaitle ]jll-Liir. on deeo L-nrdov.m enthot. rfei.43 Hi white leather UitltbS, Rich looMns- Mude for all flrvurjns and calibers ttevolvrr type set Ineluil« belt, fully looped, holster. iviih teauier biitkle- AtlUHkiallc -eL Includes belt holster iimd m l-15|j holders tor tour Clips. Send wslst íiie, cíUbL-r, rntultl and barrel loiimi of sum when ordering. Automatic set S15.1>n, He volver sei S 111.95 Pt\

Rr-ni.J 15 L1111 j' rtildi, tiinH'pWltd, rien*

ture lea I her rldlris; crop. With IS iiieh ihiu^L-r hidden Inside Practical collector's item- S5-W PP.

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