Elmer Keith Says

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arm*, due Id the ti- lack of killing power <m Ml mueh nf our tougher 'null pime ïtich ai jaek rahhit- and hi|¡ ^roiiM-; Inn in I he new Wim-heeter caïlridpr vte no^v haie a -22 rim fire thai vili do the lm*im-- if ul all well [dared, Due I o il^ Iw'ing -air' Witt nmwJ» in I lie cylinder, lis íimullani»Mi^ ejeclion of tanptU^. and I In.1 i*an- rhf reload inj: » oompiiri-iE villi the i'lip^ <4 auto pi.clolF, ils

iju'lahh' hunting sigllli* ami clean trifl-

gr'r [lull, [i I ae<- ihi- Model K .Sin il h i Wcpwn .T¿ With' Magnum al the lop of ihe bit a« a hunting handgun.

,4rj*frírfít ÍTÍfjjr Mount* fnr American Hifir*

The uhi í^rTman and Au-Iriau elaw-lype -i-opc niotim w«i- in use man j- year* heiore m-, in \m'TÍr'.i. í'M-r [leveloiHiJ r1 iI lier a hurit-inp scope m mount. Among (he fir^t aac. re--ful Ones ol ours Iliai \ tei-lni anil u-ed on hif ¡¡ame «'a., |Iih< ih|<1 ¡Vo-ko tllu[H' and mount, and laler ihe liltlr Weaver t^raF — ho¡)]irr riiniiiil. Olio J. ïtnriJy, reliable German claW'type moitnli hail long hern a hail-ahlo in Vneriea on Mhukt rillef, howevw. "I he only flies in the ointment were high eo-t ami al-" high i a- a role. ■;« thai the open iron sights could ¡hL -em under the pfope. The very higb mounted srope» <ie. leated their fttlipow, a s you could iidI hold harrt and steady your eWk on the m>ck with -ueh a high mounted FJ*npc.

Ju-t ilte Mme, 1 haii- guided Immer- who luhilnaliy carried their Miïun in one h und, nfîni i he h i ¡¿h mounted »ciope ,ik a handle for the rilh- :i gHirnl part of ihe lime, and hav<^ Been those mourns anil scopes take an anful l-eating and et ill rrplace aerurately ami Flay ill accurate adjuelmenL Tin y were and Ji-e among lhc nio-t relia hie nf all quirk i lei ach-ulk niount-. if matlfl b) ihe better Estropean maker- and properly ñtlcd. Nfjuiy line Mju--I.'t- were [lartty niiro'rl by hiving tin- Iroul ba-e dovetailei! in the top nf the receiver ringt, ¡nr OVM flit lear- llie-< t;,*rm;m

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