Famous Border Patrolman Chooses A Double Action For Fast Draw When Chips Are Down

2 Instant later Jordan has straighten- T Hand a blur, Texas lawman edj hand tensed, awaiting go signal. " has used up ,10 second.

Realistic draw using DA ,357

and bullefed ammo against target begins with Jordan standing, finger On McAvoy electric timer release.

4 Gun tips forward as Jordan starts tj Revolver dears leather; timer now Circle motion brings gun drawing and tensing trigger finger, shows .21 second has passed. level; hammer is cocking.



I .S. Httr'fur I'lilrfil

"¡V 1 I'Cli FOOLISHNESSH VS BEEN written about IV J. fast gun work, Tai« of old time gunmen have been exaggerated until they are ridi$poU5. Nor lias ilit nunlem fast draw been slighted as a subject that makes liars on I of honest men. I haie heard usually veracious persons announce lhai they had witnessed my dropping a coin, drawing and hitting it flcroe Ik: fore it struck I he ground. There is little hen: licit tin: subject can do except assume a modest expression and keep his mouth shut. If you should point out the impossibility ¡¡I sucli a sftb.t i if your bullet hifc the coiit, ii"* gone! i h, ou gain an enejny who will iuitc yon in his (lying day. Hitting a coin onee only is pretty fast, accurate shooing, but it's just not good enough whefc someone describes a fast draw, especially the fast draw double action style of aimed shooting'.

It is assumed that ymj are veil grounded in the f und urn en la Is of sluw (ire. single action revolver shooting. If you are not. then going on to fast drain double action shooting is still in the future for yoili It is in tin-nature of post-graduate work h>r well grounded shooters. So—if you can't sbool consistent lens on a regula-

With tinier showing .32 second, Jordan fires, registering vital hit on silhouette man-size target.

GUN; * hovehuck lisii

Jordan appears model police executive hut adventurous lawmen's life along Border has been anything but cheirbome.

tion target—ii!c this away for future reference unlit you have mastered those fundamentals. 1 ou can't expect In run until you have learned to urdk.

The really fast men have been made to appear supnr-hitman; their feat." impissible of emulation by the average person. I 'n-couraged by this false standard, very few gun fans make more than a half-hearted attempt to learn to draw, Instead of starting with fundamental», and gradually conditioning their reflexes to the muscle-memory patterns which must he developed before speed can be attained, they try immediately to make the fastest draw possible. Ibis invariably results in a bruised hand and a chastened spirit, anil, men tally comparing his blundering attempts to ihe mythical perfection of ihe old gun fighters, one more would-be fast draw artist resigns himself to ihe impossibility of hi> attaining sm b a gual. But tbe shooter should not stop be re- -any man with normal reflexes can master fast iiran double action shooting. i!nt lirsi he si drastically down-grade his pre-conceived notions of what is humanly possible of accomplishment, lesl he lose hear«, before he starls. There are only I wo factors upon which ihe speed of a draw is dependent: the physical make-up of the individual and I lie economy of motion which can Ite achieved- We will go into the mechanics, that is. the economy of motion required, laier: [ml first let us lake up the item of physical make-up.

Ml of us do nol possess the lighining reflexes and muscular coordination of ihe champions, but in fa si draw

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