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Their hin, hi ark. ifrieail trap huff nre very large, heavy l^a-i-. built like an Angus bull only longer h'Su'd jmd deepitt bodied. They will weigh up to and ovar a ton. ['he -weep of [lie hupe horns protect ? the bruin pan on each -njnti in Iront it is partly protected I))' ihr heavj hum |io»*c>. ii* veil ua by ihr I h ilk hide ami aknlL Win n u buff look- At you, lu- dow H With head and neck extended and ihr im-e up. Li I ha I position, [hi- no-lrif- line up tterfoclly vriih lltr bruin, no I lint h your aiming pi lint OD a hull faring yon at cioie range. \i any distance. if yon uer fiiiu lurm-d willi the m-ar -du nil der in lino with the rhed ■ ¡1 ■■ pi y, (IrJve thai shoulder bone bit" his ettril ii pOiïiblfc If lurnrd i[«ani-rinj! ihe <>t||i*r wav. pn| VHjiir slug llirough hbait or lungs into tin- oil ahull Ider.

rtip. lough, ifld iisnl to kill, ihr liuiF will, as John Lawrence -ay-. "tight to lli* lint breath. or your?-" Hoy fjeny. one of the While Hiznter?, wat killed by a Böffstö hiek in ' IB or '40. Mi- clhni h id wouA^td tili- Iii i LI urn! il 11 o.b In heavy i'oVeT. Roy envt the hull ample time to H]i(. or -i iff mi up, I lien -nil hi* tracker up a lift- to direr t him und went bin the liu-ii to lini^li the job. He haver tau ihr hol] until il charged him From five y aid», Eh en then, Koy ¿r, ■ : in both Hurrel» From hiï heavy double riflf : hut br hit lo'ithcr brain nor spine, and the ii ii II lo-Hcd bim, one horn going into hi« groin. The natlvi- gun bearer thru rann-down tfie Iree, found ihr l'ï/ ri fir. reloaded il. ami finieiled ihr' buffalo. The ¡jiin hr-arr-r HOl Lcny lo [Iil- hôpital. bill in -pitr of the Ih-ïI of surgical und medical care, In- died. FJve white busier« in White M um nr. Ijd. hnvr I reel! hurl by buffalo in the fail led years,

Il wa» many Js>- imd many mile- Itter fir fori- I pot my real <t.u k at buffalo, hull moved iaf ïpilh of tliut lir-t ranip, hail bagged onr rhino, Ihm. r]i'|ihaiit, and leopard, UHiIrd null i ituoil hutF to eomph-li' my "flip five" We spent tlh- 13-1 h and llir of Drdf-tolwr itiwing bark through Singids ^Iiil Babili to i>nr "hi r;imp m'ar fahe M il Eiyurra. Tin- itiornini! oF the h'jlfl. we fuiidied Ji^tlin^ lip Cjmp. tfien drtive south f-ii-l inlo hil^h thai had been open hr'f.>H' tlo< r.iiti-. I lit which now coveted wïlii ¡iraii, fpjin a foot lo ail frei high. Under the ürrat ;u a< it anil -0101- few luuifmb

Irre-, il Cllt vieilli I il y In tile lllitli vtr:

fourni I rick* of -onie hip strjy buC hull>, hut ifuii wrn- I if- The t-ulee llii> wc-rti purtleulnrly bad thh ri.-iy, ami my old dry*-tail swatter did yoenian ecTvicft, I sinjii had the car's floor h"arrl- im f n ilfi rrijjplnf tMrtse. We -a"' motile h--cr piiuie Hlffl is ginlfîe. Ki-bra, oryx, ami naler bulk, hut no huffiilo i W> ill' itrtur' bai;k lo cam]j, fiad a giMil lutieb. iinrl wttlted. About 1 f'.M. we ifrsvi.* oui tuword i iii' Jjilii' nmf ji Misai village we had «en when camped at location at the >Ut1 ol I lie fluni.

Beyond I he M a-ai village, we fol inlo a «eel ion of tall gm*! I fiat was lileralfy undermined wilh'ailt liear hole?, iJi that we hail to hiivc the h.iyt get «ut and pick .i 1rnil througb il. We -aw a young eland, fevelil band- of uraut und loinmh--, and finally a pride of lion ill a boni llM yard-- There wü» ¡m old lioiie-s, four :M'giown eubi-. -mil a young mancd fioo, Thr-y took ifieir lime ah<nit walking IWiy inlo ihr high gru-i.

After crossing d dry water pan, nt came ti> a series of tow ridi;e- ond higher grreiid, tery heavily covered with a grey -¿ort of al ,mir boulder, Knfk- were lm< jjihick acid 11 n i htjh ftp permit tin» jeep Id gi-1 up <ui I hill liigEirT ¡ir««' I and aíd-l -kirlinp i I for v.alf mile, nr -lopped and JoEtn sent the boys up intn I he hu-Ei (or a lu.<k.

A bal J hour Later. I hey came hick on the douhlc with their eyes 'Lin tup, ami Í knew latere they reach ni lis that they hail inn ml buffalo. Calo, Guyo, and Songi ail spoke to Ji.lin nr once, so J pulled the ,476 mil of the heavy Boy I dipper -i ahbard and loaded it wtlEt ¿olids. I noticed that J ¡ r 11 - - CvTO look ¡rnollier park of five wliilí uní oE I lie hoi near the gun rack. and -tufled them in the packet of hit shorn, I had an t-sira ii* mund^ in the loops of my bush jacket, inn Gajo knew» buff and wanted to be -lire we had plenty ammo. John Eoadcd liie .116 wilh stiliils, and r,:itn also toihk another box of lliem along. just in cace.

The buffalo liertl was a big one and was in dense lm-!h wfien I he hoy» loealcii them, evening was fa si approaching and i lie -an celling |hivr met the great fiifl wall to tinwest neros- tin- lake, and the huff had -tatted I o fee 11 0U| into (lie npen by the time wi-rcachcd tlicm. [ could see i he hacks of ciphl or leu of (he preftl bfaek beasti !o my right, feeding toward a 1.■ ■ old baidiab tree. Tile wind was quartering from our left Frnnt and {.alli wanlcd tn circle down nitni to the right and head olí lllei-e bmff we fOuid see. I w nil Id have J iked In !a>ik over a hnm-li t.> try and lirid a really hue head, but Soil;;i and John liad spoiled a lone In ill nff I

lefi in u slight depression. John lold me be ifnuiglil he would go In In 'I"2" sprcAd anil hail 11 good cur], HI I elet'led to lake him.

We -lipped up I o a hiw piie of roeks, ju^l IÍ3 yards from liie great bull. He dill nol (enow we wore near, and was feeding broadside lo 11.-. Keating my elbows oh my kn.-i-s. 1 carefully fitted the bead into the bottom of tin: wide-angle V hark -isJit gn my n|<J .416 Westlej Richards and moted it up to cover the Lnnckfe of the left shoulder, fl lien i lie tight* steadied lliere, Í rais-d lln-m ju-l cunugh lo clear the iron«, end k[ikuflj,

At the cra-h of tbe [lit rifle, the I ml I threw up bis head and lurched into a 3d Itlücau-bour rlin in the same direction lie had horn headed. He showed tin more effect from ■ ¡iking [fun grain -lug square through ills In Mr; I han if you had louched him on ilie rump with an electric pad,

I [lulled I he big rilie down oul of recoil, centered my siglu*. and swung with liie running iiull unlit the si [ble centered under ill-, eh in; then gate him (lie other barreL Ibis time, at the craek of [lie riñe, hi- head dropped io the ground. hi' shoulder* fulded haek. bul his rump and hind legs slated uti in tin- air anil lie limply sledded along Willi hi- chin and neck for runner- until lie hit »me heat; boulders which stopped hi? elidt, H lien iiis hind quarters came down on llic ground, he wa| too deed to kifk.

My first ship hail hit him Hptare through the heart, but thi-- Kynoeh (olid broke op some and mushroomed, though I fie oorc hi-ld [ogeihtT. The -iccomf 520 üraiu *olid bit tenter in lile shoulder, breaking il .mil aleo i be -pinaf column and penetrated on into I lie riglil or olf shoulder.

lb- proved m lie a ime, big, mature bull, but I he horn- fiad only a 3<i" spread, lb- nn-ii..: an old Aniiiio!. The horns were Loth perfect and had a deep curte. with a good in wan I curve at top: a very pretty head, lictler average, bur no! as large a- i wool*I have liked. This give- mt an escupí- [0 go back -nine day ami again bum I he preat black bulfiilu.

Wv to»k I fie bead ami ea[ie and al-o tfie four ■] i inner- and dragged I hem To ihe jeep after laking pic)lire-. The »tin »el Iw-fore We haii finished I fie joEi, in a blaze of red rucr the preal Rift wall. I now bad all I be hit: fite of Uriea. ami lied killed four of them wilh hc.irl Jobo nld my fir-t -big would have done the job, but the bull would have ¡jone a cnupb1 hundred yard*, nr f-o before ho dropped. I tun convinced lliere ñ no rifle luo big lo use on buffalo, elephant, and rhino, if you em sboot it aeCuraleiy.

Those two sliol- were [be last I fired in Africa.

Si nee writing llii? arliele, wnrit comes I o Ine from Afrhá Ibal my gooii friend Jniilii Lawrcnee has lieen badly mauferf fiy j bit If a In, It happened afmosl a year after my hum with him. IJ ere is the story from John'- own pen;

"At aiioul ten A.M.. we found buffalo I rack- (lilis WU near ytmr old Sahfe camp) and followed 'Ihem. One hour laler. we beard

I he Inilf in a small clump of bush, 1 sent (lie hoys around one side and took I he cite til around the nther. Eventually we »aw the bul!, ami I told him lo shoot, lie was faring slightly away fmm us. with all the lie.iit and lung area exposed;

"Tiie .453 Winchester hnl|e| went inlo the lungs And 1 gave him a .416 in I fie hi ops for good mea-ure, fje then crashed off tnlo the bush for about 100 yards. I went up Eo see; where lie had gone in, >aW track- ami blood trail, ami thought to mysrti. "give fiini a half hour and I It en follow.' With lhi» lb. nip fu. I fumed around, putting on I ha -afelv nn niv .116, Lirnl <(arto;l lo walk back a ml sit dowtl for a smoke. Then the fnoyi yelled WIi-tl I turned, ihe huff eamc out at ine from about la yard«. I swung and aimeil at (he hi-ry ca^c siiot— ra>) liecaun- ho came wilh hi— brail down- anil pulled Liie trigger. Noihiug happened; ihe safety wat slill on.

"Tfiii gave me 5 yards. I g;>t I lie safeth off. but only had lime lo jump. In the «Sort

II f jumping out of I in: way. I fell over in [he hush. The buff turned nn me in h— than hi* own length, and hi) me wilh his f>os-on [he lail hone, pushing me some lite nr six yard* along ihe uro and. I.tick I y Eur me, lunas feel lug very weak from ihose Iwo lung -bol-. I"-11 ami grabbed his horn± and lean! on file boss, but my leg- were stll] underneath htm. My I Emu gilt was thai, should lie filp ml:, lie would fifi the whole of my body Hp ami not rip me wilh hi- horns.

"fn thi- posilion, I yelled to the clients til sboiiT, Tilts they did efli-elivefy, and 1 managed I o exlricale my b-gs fiefuri- In- fell on me. Damage; tinkle tw^ied or possibly a small bone crackcd, and a damni-d sore lail hone and pelt-is, f con Id not wjtk more [hall a few hundred yards for two days, but mauiLgi-d to get a lion ami two leopard* in lfio-e two days i luid lo complete the safari as no olhcr hunter- a tai fa fife; lint every --Icp wa» lie 11.

"Afterwards, a resl nf 1(1 days pn| me tight, \-ray- showed fracture of the IrttnsTi'tse proce--. of the vertebrae ami .-erious brui'iug, but no -eriou- Eip'aks. They will hate io gel a bigger hammer to kill us burhmen!"

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