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IWa That Again ?

To Kline r Kniili. Excetra: 1 -en1 liy your pietim? with the .14 in yunr hand your piW must measure at tenet iucllirs from heel

10 ]lh', DouhtlcsH you fan -ijn<ii a , |nl) with one liand and not feel llie recall a liit. No e-jflH]n-nxatori for yon?

When lin.illy we gel a jiiitol lvLth almost at Kimd I lontl a- ihi- Walker Gill il lias no improvement .it all, alio you ajratt the (¡rip, -o only lite very b)g£e»t ape i.atl get hi* haml armim! hi,

Moreover, while 31M jtunleSS i- itronjier and ran In- cast with i-vi-n liif: loo! nuiirtf and ihltult no! needing any further *oll( .it all. you won't ti>e II- I Investment cutinjr aiu'l ow.'d cm pine. I ^ly aift'l it?'Jfa fur i-heaper ami gins a far. far heller proiiuil. There is eh en heller pidn of ^tai Diets, hut 3(1-1 is cheapest iind gives a very tnui'li heller ami

11 roil per pro duel lhan i' nrm Used,

Sinil it I rue not one of you Jim jny I lion p lit for iijnirl if ii is po^ihle 1 have ]JU1 tnv woise uu ail of ydII. I will mil lakr it off ui all, f.harlr- E. Loekaxd Sari Kraueisco. Hal if.


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