From Very Old Bic Cnarled Tree

rinp.t wo ever had. LlmltM supply f» afT blank, rifle alxe—or m mod A Wh.uo.t-M0.00 u> S7.1.00. Mxil cutl Iileilk». »20.00 U> ».l.i.UU.

1 FREE TO GUNSMITHS: Bi« 4-color «hart »bowloo Flalt't »tried PREMIUM CUN STOCK PLANKS lit natural tol^T]

BEAUTIFULLY C.RAINEO FRENCH WALNUT— FrtBfh rlflr blank». SÎ0.00 t» $40.00. Turntd and In. letted for mo»t rlfle» S5.00 «awe. nu $25.00: »ootr Burl» up t* $35.00.

CURLY MAPLE RIFLE BLANKS: $7.00 to Turned and InlitUd tar molt rift»», V5.CO to

FINEST PENNA. BLACK WALNUT BLANKS & STOCKS: Rifle blink». «11 oradc» S4.00 to $20.00. Walnut »botflar» blank». $1.50 t* $15.00. Walnut Inlrtttd »totk fer moit fin«»: ttar.dsrd $6.00: xi arade (butt) $8.00: «thtra $10.00 tn $12.CO. Al»» Ptnna. burl» and rare burlt avail, ibln NOW: xxx eradt $i7.50-$20.00.

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