Gun Buy of theYEAR


Never befo/e in the history of ihe gun world hos o bargoin like this been offered! Wo/j Wcty, Woy below wholesale! Regular retail price $134.45

NOW $83.95

You save $50.50. • Guaranteed factory new guns in original factory sealed boxes. * Guaranteed latest model current production, finest quality Winchester guns that currently ore cataloged ot Si 34.45 retail. * Guaranteed satisfaction or money back.

Act fast—wire or phone your order in today. We have a good supply but they will go fast at this price. Dealer and jobber orders welcome. No further discount—$83-95 to allState choice of 20 gauge, 28 inch full, 28 inch modified, 26 inch improved cylinder or 26 inch skeet choke.

Add $2.00 for postage, handling and insurance for parcel post shipment. Otherwise, will ship express charges collect, Illinois residents odd 3]A% sales tax,

Cleaning Kit }p«"fl

Thre* ¡üini»d ntdol 'ndr bran brvth, ¡og, wjlv*ol «il, .ion fr*»," oil. Pû1eji*i, Lira nidi? ergibt -oll in m^Kfl bo* wirk ¡nslrucliom. Sie gûug» wan!»d. Only SÎ.7J pa 11 Díi! d.

Gurt Ca le ípociol

Famouí mut», fabrij fcijtkid Dynel

Rlailic, lú inch xjpppr, ih|,i cofon nina- i'v'df hart din >s Fih your niw r-ladpl 3D 1er ipecr'r l»nyih dnlñdl Biínilür y.M - Now il.95 paiipoid.

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