USE ON ANY RIFLE— Otic swpe is ;ill you need fcir nil yoHI hunting riilcs,.. changes from out to another in «tends, lucks in perfect zero every time, ratdy to shoot.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION —No delicate internal parts to jar [wise; adjustments are made in the ¡oount. Will not knock out of zero. Guaranteed per ma Lind y fog proof,

ECONOMICAL—One investment al less cost than any combination of two hunting sights, , . fills the need for several scopes. $59,50, or just III1, down on Time Payment Plan,

FR££! "FACTS ABOUT TELESCOPIC SIGHTS"—Be an expert on telescopic sights. Send tor this most authoritative; %-page manual containing valuable information about scopes and scope shooting. Write to Bausch & l^oiml> Optical Co., Rociiesier 2t N. V.


BIG GAME Oí VARMINT -, - open couniry, brush, motíntain-ous terrain ,.„ hum what yeiu want, where yuu vi'aijt, when you want with the fabulous BALvar ft. Here's the only inuhi-pur|>ose scope si^ht of its kind.the one scope you can uac for i ill hunting.

INSTANTANEOUS CHOICE Of POWER—Turn of ring provides evjet power you need from 2V;X to SX, No limiting click stops. BALvaj S i i continuously va nable with no change in locus, eye distance or |K>iiu of impact.

NO CHANGE IN RETICLE SIZE WITH CHANGE OF POWERPatented BitL Tapered Cross-H;iir Relide, Yi minute at tenter, appears sharp, itne at any po^'cr,

YOUR EYE IMMEDIATELY ON TARGET -"Wedge-shape" crosshairs help you instantly ecnier sight on target,

WIDE FIELD—Aff ait 100 yards at 2'AX setting. An ocidkfit field of view tnr scanning or trucking moving target ,,. "ciose in" with desired power and shoot with accuracy.

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