Cinder wasteland on slopei of K/launa Kea volcano show up traeb of wild sheep, trailed by Woodworth (I) and Mahoney,

AS IF A FABULOUS CLIMÁTE? fantasih l jjcencry, and al ion« last Statehood, enough, Hawaii is also a gun man's Leaven, bpjjE^B Üody knows about rhe girls and the lowers and the bead)« tliat lend ¡enchantment to our newest but feu (tenpie,seemingly, knnw that Hawaii is one | ni i he best-managed game area? in the I niled Stale-. S blessed with qiiatililiea e.f game beyond the average luinlcrs 'Iream^ On lite "Big Island," Bowaii wild hogs and sheep and goats roam i In: lava slopes of Ma una kra and Manna Loa i ti such numbers ihat the hunter it apt In think he Las trespassed into a huge refuge -,. He lias—except that there aren't any so ih.mim: si^iis.

\tark Twain called Hawaii 'The lovelies I fleet ni islands anchored in any ocean." The Big Island. Hawaii proper, is tLt- one from wliioh the group is named. Hunolniu is on the island of Oahu. I In: other major islands are Kaufli, Molokni. l.anai. and Maui. The 16 game management and public hunt-¡ng ureas on the island* ran«e in shr from the í"0.(H)U acre public hunting ¡¡round 011 Hawaii to I lie 750 acre public shooting grocrad on Kauai. \\ i hi fowl seasons evtend generally from mid-October to January I si. Kig game can be hiuited the vear around. Bag limits *ary on tbe indi vidual island*. hut usually allow the hunter two each of I iijar, sheep, and goat per day. For hunting permits, write the Division of Fish and Game al Hilo. Hawñ ii.

I have hunted Hawaii twice and have in iked with many id the local gunners about guns and equipment. like anywhere else* Ihe choice of guiis is largely a mailer of individual preference, but one generality does stand out, and thai is that you dmrl need cannon or even super-velocity guns on the islands: alm"st any gnu you carry "ill gel you your liiuifs, and tine lighter the heller in view of the



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