Hornady Mm Gr Spire Point Bullet

Shooting tests by Pete Brown, Arma Editor, Sports Afietd

Pelo Brown reports; "iVe just run a tesl with yojr new too grain spire point 6MM btrllets. Loadait tham with 44 grains 4350 ,., got the bast accuracy I have ever had in a 243 with heavy buiiels—tar hotter, ! might add. The 44 grain load Shot plenty Hat, too. Tab Is is based on my shooting out to 600 yards."

TBAJECTORV TABLE: ,2*1 Winchtiter eiflridgt: humid/ 10fl griia tpirr ptfnl bultsl; No. 4354 i« arainO eoivdui; Ftdcr»l ZI0 primtr: WuiilKskr HodEl 70 iesm(™eishf rifle."iT rfprc-jenti ranjf at which Jim wit slihlei ia. Plu» is altfr« Jinn of ¡¿¿ht, minus bnlaw. OrDp ia in McAts.

Sighted in at (yards)



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