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h;ne eni crouch a hit uln-n bird* ute decoying bul wheH titling ereel will be able 1o -hoot il"irt lhal pO-ili«ll, Don't—in J I repeal, d-n'l- make tie mi-lake of tniihtiii^ tinblind M' high I lut Hull Ii J ^e 10 -land to use vtiiir pun. Nothing cream harder shnoiing thai) this jumping up like ¡l jiivk-in-liie-hox. In thi* fir-1 place, no mailer him a si If you ai-, there i- foille pan «f ,1 «ccond required lo allaJn ,t steady fnoling and, ml, there i- too much tm it i«n which wrv« to Date yuiir game ami make the «inference bclneen an easy shot mid a difficult gbe. It I» one ihiti|t l'i make a targe! of a duck a" fib- plhEe> in. uring" and feet lîmifi. pi hrukr hi- <-li|ry iiilu the water. It is far toucher to Iry to hii a hii11 that i- gominf nhitude with enery hen I of hir wings ami also falling away frorij ynn nidi more or le- rapidity, depending upon I he force of the wind, oli , I which happens- in tin second.* ifi.ii ps*s as you an--eramilling lo your fed ahd I lieu stctdjiu^ your.elf ;i- you h ring your gun le a -Jinotiug position, \nd nlinv all in importmicn is I lie necettity <if remainmp motionh^s. as* the ducks approach vuur decov-. Willi clothing of a neutral eoior agains-l a Eiaekgroumi of natural covet the thiune-l of blinds is ¡ill lhat ii riOL-r-.san if yum do not betray your pi i"-ru-i'. Morion i- ihe red llag warning lo all wildlife. ami ihiTi- -EmuM lie no preliminary shift in position iif either yourself or your gun. Mail until llie bird- are wilEiin ■aie gunshot, and then go inlu action as ipuckEy and i-nmolliiy is possible. 'I hul i-why t >n hlioiiply inlvocaie sluooitinn from it i-ilting position. Hy ta lining you hare the advantage »1 inWwti* gained, ami thai hrief apace o! time muk ce all the difference s s you will find when yu'H c.iuul your iinciprmlrd -hell- and J'uur lia y at the end of a day's shoot,

I Haled before, ihe fined shnre hliml tins ]i>-t the crcaler p.iil nf its value since baiting I i'-i'ii rn i ■ illegal. Today'« duck I ter.

if lie wishes to gel good shouting, or, in hu'l, liny shoot ing, m'Uft find îhjiui- -|iot 10 width I he liinl- are allraclcd hy natural food or 1111 " 11111 i y from rouub or slorm loosed waletv That i-^ where lie dluuld set Oui his decoy-:iud erect his hlimt. That I hi s hliml may ln-< rude ,uld htliietmfortlhlc and pfliiiLee diffi-

Only tytW both HEAT

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