<h-i'r nf Molokai were introduced in 1 IWiT, ami id on.

On [lnL la-t giiernwn of um Jí i ft I-hi od vitit, while felltihg in ihe la nui ol I lie -nut], Colorful k«na ]'atm>] in Kmiluu, I askrtJ Slim I lull lu give nu- a nin-Hnwn on gun- .lint equipment needed for a Hawaiian limit- |[c ui^estiid any r.ililnr gnn, llif tighter the heller, I lie majority of lite- hunting i- afoot, l!r ebptiajizecl the med for tough buOli. II neccFiily in Tfie rugged lava flow«. II" imgj]e*to4 kaki nr denim fut«, a hal or cap, Lighl shirts, and a jacket of Home kind, for the cool oiuht- in the Wh eoonlry. With [hi* etjnlp-nieni, n man ¡i well geared for Htwaiiin hunting.

So there yon have il. If you want to hoiil in I'araiii^r, grah your nun ami Jim, don'l walli. tb ihr nearest airline counter, Hawaii, oar tvewem -Ia1e, i- il. Ynii will he welcomed by a friendly, smiling, pleasure losing peuple who will *how jnu ahonlinpi i-porl ihe like of whioli doe* not exi»t in many placo*—and al] ;»i a fraction of llie rn>r ni, -ay. Jin Wriran Safari,

\nr| wtiere in Africa can you arid to your hnnl for cilra-eurriridar luxury of a day "r>n the beach at Waikiki?" íM

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