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Never, NEVER, NEVER! hos sue-gain been available, UNBEUEVAB. else but YE OLD HUNTER ¡1 WOULD he unbelievabie, but not woodsman of yore, the world's greatest gun value bringer, You -hula hoops for THIS FIREARMS MASTER?IEC£- Buy now while t THINK OF IT—on original German issue Mauser rifle in ALMOST NEW cor: manufactured in the prime vintage years with {naturally— naturlleh) ALL MILLED P BLACK WALNUT STOCKS ond, best of all, in ihe superb oiympic accurate 7,65mm 3 cartridge which was made by leading U.S. manufacturers prior to WWII ond for which st loading components ore available EVERYWHERE! Buy and enjoy forever "THE MOST BEAUT - . MADE" at a price which will be an investment in quality, shooting,, sporting and collecting p lo come! There has NEVER been o Mauser bargain like this and there never will be again! (Of IF WE SELECT AN OUTSTANDING BEAUTY,) This rifle mutt actually be seen to be apprecip-



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