Rushes shield low punt tir scull which wîldfowler hês poled into marshy edge of faite. Hurler has risen to shoot but would be completely invisible while waiting for du cits to decoy.


Ynii sec, this article is about fluck blinds, and duck blinds must either Ik: tii>.Ls-11■ L«.- nr 'if tlntt is impossiblei mi cleverly eemuuflaged that wicks will think iln-1. ain't "ha I the J are or are what they hi n't. Sometimes, when.1 shooting shelters must be buili out In open t^ers. ilu-y criiii1 r lie invisible, si) they bait: i" l>e designed lit IohA likt-little islands. clumps "( marsh grass, i>r somelhing that ho n't re mini] a duck of men and flie slicks llui! gu "boom at unwary wildfowl, This isn't easj; bu( then, building a proper blind ou shore isn't nceessrtrik easy, cithers It's just essentia I. if yon want lo hag ducks successfully.

To my rn.iti<ni there is nothing more ludicrous than a picture stowing a coup 11 of hunters standing in sunn-thing thai might iie an upright piano case *>r a medium ^ized pig sU. with gun^ t-i i their shoulders pointing at targets presumably somewhere uji in (he clouds. Til the foreground ii'ill alsu be two or three dozen iluek decoys, to assure you that these men are dui k hunting; otherwise the untutored viewer wilt probabh mistake them (or some sort of antiaircraft battery going into fiction, That such ji blind cannot he ol anj |»ractieable use should be

Xayai would have screens of reeds and qft» attached to sides of gunwale in actual use but boat publicity photog thought this would make better picture.

Flat bottom rig such as Deminy recommend i can have reed screen Fastened to side; or. as in type shown (right,] just filled with natural grass from area.

obvififfcis as llit liJhid itself. furl tier more, aside frgm Lis being entirely loo conspicuous, Li Las another fault: that of being fixed on one particular site. Irrespective of the direction <>i the wind or the height or How of the tides, you have no choice bul to set out the decoys in the water iwfore it arn I hope for a lucky day.

In davs gone by when unlimited baiting was permitted, this manner of hunting worker! out more or less successfully. ¡No matter how biatanlly your cm or advertised itself or the stale of wind or tide, those yellow kernels from some farmer's cornfield were an irresist]bit? drawing card, and many a duck paid for his folly when he forgot all caution in (lie desire lo fili his I icily.

lint today, wilh baiting prohibited, the setup has changed and now you should look for ducks and rig your stool where llici show Orl inclination to go. This is "here " today. and very probably "there' tomorrow, and hence the permanent blind has hecoinc of but little value, unless you consi<ler comfort of more importance I bun the filling of your bag, if such is the case, you may erect as elaborate a cover as yoor needs require, and loll there at ease while envying some olher fellow' a quarter of a mile or so away who was small enough to take ad vantage of I he day's flight and in consequence is en joying good shooting from a temporary hut on-the-spot rig,

W hile it may be as unfortunate for the wildfowl as il is fortunate for the hunter, there hardly a hii of shoreline

Day'i bag of ducks took gun to kill, dog to retrieve, but proper blind to hide hanter was most important for success.

that does not firoiide adequate material «Lib which lo construct h blind, With the natural growth of ruslu's. grass, or low bushes, a piicket knife and possibly a few feet of [airly stout cord may be needed as an aid to this construction; and an upturned nail keg. shell box, or five gallon tin will provide a seat.

Iti building this blind there are a few1 things to remember. first, is tii keep it ¿is low as possible, Don't pile Up something that looks like an overgrown haystack arid lowers over the surrounding growth. W hen seated, it should lie no higher in back than the i"p of your head, and low enough in front so that ynu will I Continued on page Hi

Browning Automatic-5 speaks with authority from grass covered boat which gives seated hunter full gun swing.


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