Jordan Holster

Fail — Sale — Comfa(lcih1r P»if»I»«l 1lie Eypnrlt


wm Vno Ham St. to M»m, Calif, fie» CoteJeff »» *)9UHl


lin iJiiiilhlr- an inn. VddilionalK, it i- more •.nvenitu- m Etit' «hpeler, "inte it may lire ïf the rlinniL» »lips nil tlir hammer before being brought to fui] couls. Tlie modem double Uliun iwvlirt « ill not do llii- becau?B "f its lujLb-iii *aieiy bar. For the enforcement i'iíuvr, the ninglr a It ¡no offeri 11» nrkintagei .uni eaniiot be eiMliputd n- ü dppniklabh-í¡ pilling wi: j fu us, with the modem (uibli aetion.

Our ítem oí equipment which will add speed and icH-iOwey if j pair "f enrioRl prip-, designed fur double action ehoáínf, and lined individually i" tin- ihootar. I hi** liten tuinj ^ri[— bir a nitübber oí irurí, made to ur tpedliiiatinn- by the lall' Waller HL>|n-r. ami later COpitd for on- by olher FliH'k Huilier-, m dud big Herrén- Socki* ol Twin Kallfr, ldjiluh, whu ioiw have llir pjtlem. The main features .li 11 lene ííripí an* Tlirr 11 moil pel le it an- <>E lin- I Niel: -Imp mid lhr minded bull, which allons are lira te I mi mint and ipiiek h ring even when llii- b.nnl fataLh lo pet J perfn'l jyrip in drawing, Square butt firips with -lroi|ibmr lla'-k fil rap do nol allüW I hi- Il til i kin.

I o praL'lieinp I be fail draw, rv mem lier always I full il i* 11 a ngen m-, tl hardly «nui* ikcsssary lo puim OUI thai thi- <iiin shmuld lie unloaded prji'lire. Take out ibe cartridge's Couilt tfmrn. 4HL1I put I lie m in your pockel, Then open ihe gun again i-n allotber look. A fier praetiun. ="0«ii as you have relirai led nuil n-tumed ihe sun to the lud-mr, [ulen tin- íuféiy ~ 11 >i 11 iicru- the bltamn an part of thai uperuliun and ¿'eejj if .(Jinpfunf, Then, If y<iU Ir; In make another draw, y mi will In- reminded forcibly ihal you lui-reloaded ami ihal pmi-lien i- over for the time being. The pun fin not In- drawn ami you will be -ahed rilher rt-ninr-e "r embarrassment. draw and ibiuhle action point

¡na b-i- a definite plane in law enforrenient work, Stali-tic- indicate that nearly all .ilfrays between lhr olEct-r and ihe rriniLnal iH-rui under condition* of »nrprife, short ranie, ami 11111 -1 light. wlmri' dtlibtrttr ruined lire i- lu il h ¡niiK^iblc mini inadvisable. Tln-etintidence 111-5 ô red by yout knnwledgjr of

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