Thoddou* i. Djlikl, M.C. 41 it I Buffalo) Dist., N. Y.

1 uiUKVi OIR Founding Kalbrr- had in mi nil a eiliit-n arfll J silldl at exisf- [«(lay in Swilttrland wihcn ill-; referred 1i> a "'wrlbrepufated militia" in ibe Second \mettdtneilt tn [lir* Cotutilutin, V("itlt the potential m mafive dirtruttion in today'- unclear WOUpdttS, the 11 rig in ill concept of a eiliA'ii army man In- a- meaningful mm' a? ii n'a-in 1TBit, \\ innmi Chorrhill «titcd in Wort J War It, we, too. may t«- forced to light front the ditched 4rid the httlptvvriL lltil afler years <if Hjltlrttvc ¿ttn legislation in England. ibe Brlt^bi Wi l"f: with few with which III make a Mlitov light.

\\V -lnnild guard ciMully again?! being legislated into a similar position. I s-ometimrs think llir1 tear underlying restrictjit firearm* law» ipriuft from a bmic mi~huldci standing. A |tun in iiself i- no Iaitperi>u' than an n^« »r a hammer: for ibat matter. JII automobile. In ihr final analy-K ¡1 15 no! lli- gnu which is dailgcrou*. h ii the man behind ii ur tin- improper nf it.

Win. Jconlnqi tryan Deri, 3rd I Grionwovd J Dili, South Carolina

W ithoi t TTin RfsnT lu beui nrm*, a frte people vroulJ no longer Iht free.

Congressman Homer H. Budge 2nd (Boltel Dift.i Idol*»

EvtM I.N rnr> IH1! iif lbr alomic bomb and guided 111 i--de, ! believe ibe Second Amendment i^ an impurianl a- il ever wa-. with referred-lo "well regulated miJili/' ¡n(J tiding all ahh-ifkadieiL male oili^m betwwn 1 lir- ages nl IB and +5. I Indite I he purpose of tin- amendment wj- t" puaraulee to (hi- people tin1 riplit, under adci|Ua1e

HLini1iH"l, To mill arin^, Reasonable refutation- fur the purpos i safely. pri-M-ntini:

or rL-iEun iii^ crime, -unl preventing |anu ix>aching dfr inot eon-tit uie an infringement of ihi* ri^ht. Total prohibition of arms, eilhtr per se ii-r hi regulaiiunfc which would result in prohibition, would conelitDtt! an infriniitmenJ.

Congressmen John 0, DFngell 15th Dist., Michlqon

Tpl AMt^DIif(jST ti nf givnl -¡anilii-flnfc to \nnric,1 frinn a defense »kindjKitnU

nN<l tlnL tU-Lii Lor a ritiitary able H lisc (mh to tleieilie oi tlieii home ami ciiuntn if, -.till as niCtSlKtrj n- eier. Tttf tpdlvitlllJLl rilleman and fin- use ill comfiiil liy- b«Jl altfrfil hut in n.n wi-i- ilimini-^lird by Onclepi ami raiisifa Warfart1, Cirlainlv. tbe lim^ for lraiiiiiL(f persons iu the uri«ii> iflililnTy nr. gnd «iences in I fie event of Wjir will 9-1.■ dimialthed III virtually iir>tEiiiig, and defense uf lite COtUdtry pay devolve down ||> what will be hot hi n^ more i>r k— ittun gnniilU warfare by iniliuiiual ciiineni.

We hate witnessed thi- Amcodmonl ended «way by a tong seritji of ¡mi in 11 ri |an - in vtridV whieti we» upheld Iiy n JniEii'iary nnawaro of ibe nLa! iignifiiraine and need fiir inili-vtdual citizen» lo l>r dtllicd tn the Ur<- nf firearn«. 'file dol} of tho fitizrn, -["irl-maii. budlrf, target -tir.uter and nun lover ¡h to act yifor^iitilv in pre*<t*e nliat is left i>f Ida right tn ami own arnir amt. where pMtluc, to I urn t»ai:l; by a vigil ¡ml rlTnri «Hitinned atiark^ by rtn-nooder- and oilier dm won! i impair the r in III lo bear arm?. 11 ¿liould be rememtmml by gun inlbllilasts liiai ibe allafl; i- cnn-tantly F"ing Oil in Si a 11- I egiilalum. Citi tJouneilv. in the Congrti? of ibe t nitiril Suik and I'n'ti in tin- \dminirtnitive Vgeneie^, which l;t-l yea 1 touitit lo malte a lreaiendniid> ho-iilc jmi-pun tegulatlou ihe law nf ilm land on a Federal levol, \ ¡¡lilani-c, and -Untii, wcl l itin-i-ti'il. onpfnliitl (ton by iponenien, will presertv ttii- ri-hi. even I bough tlin l nited Sulct Con^iiitillon doe* iimhtib fur tln-ngbl ttf citizens la lnLar irmi wiilnnH infringement.

Ceng re Simon Ed Edmondion 2nd (Muskogee I Dist., Oklohamo

Tlt^t; >»1 r™ rill utMPrj^fVT uf ynnr icqnesl fur a statement Jinl picture, The only photograph i have with a gun wa* taken during tlie W't.rtd War II. iiinng^ide an jinti-ain rafl gun. ,iml 1 tin nnl believe I ha! lhouid meet ynir requirefUHLut~r I do (n■]ii-t»■ very »[timely in ibe right of the pe(i[>le in keep and hear arms, and 1 conn frum a [tart of llie emintry in whteh rnn-t fainilie- have a '-hotpun or rille in llle home. I would »M'nngly rH'-Jul an} attempt lu ileprive our people uf llii- constittdional riglu, and bi-lirte thai ¡1 i- nni1 nf I hi' ft.i-ie risfii^ uf \morican cilirem-hip thai dhtulJil In* -ervert al alt cOil. There if al-o sunie iigidfieatice in llie fact thai in moi-t eotmlrie-Uruler ttilatiterian rule, I hi- rifht of the peoplt haa been tcttrclj fimite<l OT taken away. Any -Iffh toward depriving our penple uf ibr righl wnold very probtblj be a step toward totalitarianism and should be renRtejp at all teief- of govermnenl.




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