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Tin- book i- of ilir-tipft value a* a reference in lite idenlifieatiim of many í tenia of (iertuiu equipment not covered in oilier soqrcr*, nnd n won Imidin wntribuM lo our understanding ni a crucial filiast i>f modern hli-tory, Maj. K. T. Huuliiigrlou.


Boone and Crocicett Club i Henry Holl A" Co., $10.(101 Vide ír>>rii iieinjt lite oltli-inl and definitive "Hall nf f'jmi:" of big gjine Iropliics um J it Is ÜMlh I Irin book M full OÍ vlrafil'tt^ thrills f<-r die liuuter ulio. If in- lias, jny ini-aj:inaliiui at ¡ill. ean |iul liiinrelf in ltn- piare ,,t tin- men »nil wopien wbo biasfii'd tbw I■ L¡_ ones, \lea-ureinen1i, ila1 <■ -. locale of kill, und name of ] i itnler fur the lop-iuked iropliiet, ii]i In a hundred or ninre in eaeli (fleggty. Win» know-, nlnylie cLil- oltc <ih your null for I lie neil our you kill) Jeurvm rankitb^.



LymsDti Cqusight Cdfp; 'i.ytmn Gui&fiht Corp.. MiJitlcjiM, Cann.. $2.00i Ijuij; a*iileil by niiiny, thin He« "I land-i»n»k" i- a ei ilnrfti!, informulite. spinlltoiind "-ílilion ti-»l»i i»4! arlieIer- Iiy Jerry TcendalD fAecuiucy From Ca si iiullet,"rr Frqnk Jury <"Tip- (Jn ^-iiirig. Lllltriea ti n p and ti TL- of 1, rmr Bullet Mihuld-'1 p. and Jar Vellei i "The .Story of llic fJuLet"l, pllW -vine i2ö papes of detailed informal iou on east lialtels, moulds, dimension«, and mueh other essential infnrmaliou.—\\ BE

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