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0 re bid lo I lie greal Riil|iil Jenkins, :i fellow Mo«» i er, on the occasion of his inll-pa|;e ireatntenl in 'L^mrl- llbi'traled" for having racked up 2(tn,W0 re^utered single mp targets. Th'- niilcslonc Inok place at ihc Soul hern Zone Traps Loot in Louisville Kealucky. Halph% tiroihcr. Rock Jenkins, bad amafied [Hfi.fKin legistened targets ;ti ibe lime of his deal Ii. and ilV typical of Rulpli tq Lrtj.iho^tírí nil over ihr wrnrh! ^ !io know !iim tlial lie >rater| lie iinike lliat 2tK),OOOlh target for Rock, lince Rock lia it wanlcii In resell i!iat golden grill so hadty.

By I lie way, can ihr reader visnalixe 2H0JXH] clay liirgels? As ü part of pre flaring a *lory on I hp iivrs of Ralph ami Tïiwk Jnnkiii- a few years I caleulilidÛ I hat i! li U I Ireir I arrets were fa id end to end, lhny woiih! urelnh ill ail unbroken line Iwenly lui I eft ion^, Thai's a lot of clay largelsl

Grinding up 2ÍK1.PO0 day birds is un accomplishment which may ncier be djjplicatnl, -mrt (Iiren more glitter ii added hy Ralph'? itreakine almost of those lar^el-.. Mi»1

of ii- will settle hn' a average on any multiple of one hundred tar^etf, and try nol In liiink about Ih'hal out syiiagcs iniglu

1 >-■ on such aslronnmica! su pi s as .-Mr nr two hundred d»UMndI

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