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Smallest tk wsistok radio u a fine rompan ion I o -pml-lo ail in the fiolil and at home. Fully powered wilii thnt I run« in ore.

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I ! o til-m Forrile Bod Antenna. Entertainment ih irhtiut arou-ing the woods while wjiiiinj for che jtiM la pa^ by. (JrHiipbtr with i-irplione and g i if bo*. Priced ;i[ SU.95, poetage [>uid. for complote 11 nil. .Send cluck OT money order lo Tlie Purl nia 11 Gctnpuy, ]£J1 Loyola Ave, Chicago 'Ifi. II!.

PISTOL SHOOTER'S AID. a el amp and ihe "TPetpitt™ attaeEies to trigger guards tu give I rigger linger control, dump a ltd rise- to lower pot!ion of IriggiT guard and Weapiil to clamp, providing a -iirlace upon which pud of (he fif^r j«Dt of the trigger linger re^l* when firing weapon. New Imlerttm or supporting |ioinl allow* ftjr dchelopnu-nl oE direct pressure upon the Iriggi-r thru application of u dirctt pttlh hack on llm Irigger. W«pin and clamp fili holh revolver and rifles with narrow edjed trigger guards. Also Gtl on Coll 32 and 15 tal. aulomalic. Can lie poii-lluoed in .i moment. M'eigh- le-- lhan an ounce. PfeiH'iii models may be uhlained in eillirT bright chrome for f$J9S or a eatin cEirornc (or Advise on irigger >iUunl width and make weapon. Maker* an: Wnpin I'rdtv lite,, Boi 410WG, Los Angeles, Culii,

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DEALERS- No» 1. Hit Thai I« StocL Chiton Ci«ft li^n.

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